Blast It Clean Annual Holiday Party

2018 was one of our best years we’ve ever had at Blast It Clean, so we decided the best way to celebrate will be having a team party!

We chose to have our team party at the Main Event location in Independence, MO on Monday, January 7th, because, after all, what is better than delicious food and a variety of games?

This two-part holiday part began with a dinner session. Dinner started at 6 p.m. with a friendly menu that included build-your-own burgers and hot dogs. Blast It Clean also cared about a balanced diet and provided salad and coleslaw as well as vegetables for dipping.

As an adult-only family event, most of our team members brought their significant others as the guest. It was a great opportunity for team members to socialize with each other and their loved ones in a relaxing and interactive environment.

“It feels great to be able to sit and talk with everybody in such a casual environment. We communicate a lot during work, of course, but that is different. This really shows how we are all a big family. It’s awesome!” Said Jake Liles, one of our project managers.

Due to the traveling nature of our services, it was rare that everybody was able to enjoy themselves together all at one time with their important ones. Therefore, this holiday party was more than significant in building a supportive team culture.

“We see them every day, leaving for job sites or returning after a long day’s work. And we, as the office team ask ourselves: what can we do to be closer to these guys doing the hard work?” Said Jessica, our office manager.

The last time Blast It Clean had a team event was back in August when we participated in Rugged Maniac. Therefore, the holiday party was much needed for the team to feel closer to each other and simply to have a great time together.

After the dinner, our team spread into multiple smaller groups and congregated at the bowling lanes. Blast It Clean always had an athletic team culture, and bowling was a great option to involve both the employees and their guests in some fun, sportive activities.

“I love these. The bumpers go up for me because I’m not so good at bowling, and they go down when it’s someone else’s turn. We all get good scores, it eases the intensive competition -- it’s just fun and sweet. I even got over 90 points.” Said Erica, our marketing coordinator.

Besides the bowling, there were also a video game arcade and a laser tag arena that offered a variety of exciting options for everyone to have a great time. Being able to gather in casual surroundings, chat, interact and share a good time together is what we call building the team culture. The smile on everyone’s face was the best recognition of the growth in our company and our relationships with each other in the past year.


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