Love is in the air

Blast It Clean helps team members connect with their loved ones

Sandblasting is no easy job.

The hours are long and irregular. Our team members travel often and are away from their families for long periods of time.

As much as we try to accompany everyone’s needs, sometimes things happen.

There could be a night when someone’s little girl misses her father, but their father continues to stay committed and is out working hard on a job...

Or maybe a planned date, but the person was called in to cover an unexpected vacancy...

To make this company grow to the way it is today, our team members are the driving force behind the wheels.

That’s why we decided to do something special for them this Valentine’s Day.

Besides giving everybody a handwritten card, a gift card, and a candy bar, we wanted to give them an opportunity to verbally express their feelings to those who are the closest to them.

Our operations team is 100% male.

As a man, sometimes they tend to hide their emotions.

Even when their children are sick when they had to work, or something as crazy as missing a loved ones birthday party due to an unexpected change in a project, our team tends to hold in the tears and commits to moving forward in order to deliver quality expectations to our clients.

With a bit of encouragement, our team members are also capable of communicating their feelings, because they know the person receiving these messages care, and their words can make a big difference in those special people’s day.

So on Valentine’s Day 2019, we started a new tradition.

We prepared blank cards and matching envelopes on the reception desk. Whoever came into the office that day -- a team member, one of our employee’s family, a former employee, even a client -- can take some cards and write Valentine’s message for their special ones.

We always say we are all about relationships in the company, and what fortifies relationships better than honest, heart-touching messages on the holiday of love?

Hand-written letters are a tradition that survived hundreds and thousands of years of history. No matter how our civilization has changed, letters always held a special place in our hearts.

We genuinely wish these little Valentine’s Day present has brightened someone’s day.

Tis the time when love is in the air.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

blast it clean valentine's day