Dry Ice Cleaning Fact Check: Do You Know Your Industrial Cleaning Solution?

We all know there are multiple industrial cleaning options for almost every industry.

Then how do you make your decision?

Now, here is a fact:

Finding the most cost-effective cleaning solution is every industry leader’s focus.

In the past few years, dry ice blasting has ascended into the spotlight due to its environmental friendliness and highly-adaptable capacity.

That is why being informed is vital.

Since Blast It Clean is experienced in dry ice cleaning, we decided to do you a favor.

Scroll down, and check out these facts about the dry ice abrasive blasting medium.

By the end of this article, you will have a good understanding of how dry ice cleaning works, and how it might be the best option for your industrial cleaning project.

Fact #1 EPA and FDA approves Dry Ice Cleaning

Do you do business in the food & beverage industry?

Then you must know how important it is to follow the EPA & FDA safety and sanitary requirements.


Contamination is strictly not allowed in the food and beverage industry. Therefore, not many abrasive media will satisfy FDA’s requirements.

However, dry ice cleaning is a solution uniquely tailored to the food industry. It is approved by FDA and EPA since dry ice cleaning leaves zero media residues, therefore avoiding any contamination during blasting.

Fact #2 Dry Ice blasting is perfect for cleaning electronic equipment

Dry ice cleaning, when performed properly by professionals, creates zero damage to the surface and leaves your equipment completely dry.

Worried about that electricity circuit? Or that power generator? Or your heavy-duty computer processor units?

Well, give Blast It Clean dry ice cleaning a shot!

You don’t need to worry about the delicate parts in your machines anymore, because dry ice blasting is trusted in the cleaning of delicate and sensitive parts such as gas turbines, motors, and other electronic or expensive parts and equipment.


Fact #3 Dry Ice Blasting is effective in removing mold

When was the last time you’ve done a moisture check?

Or perhaps you have smelled mold in your factory or company in the past few months?

Dry ice blasting is one of the most effective methods used for mold remediation.

Traditional methods usually involve sanding and scrubbing, which make the process time-consuming. Blast It Clean uses dry ice cleaning because it is efficient and safe for the architectural structure. This is because dry ice particles can reach the small spaces and crevices traditional methods find difficult to cover.

When conducted according to IAQA standards, dry ice cleaning can remove 99% of mold spores from the surface.

Fact #4 Dry Ice Cleaning is environmentally-friendly

Dry Ice is a natural substance. When facing impact and heat, dry ice turns into carbon dioxide, leaving no secondary waste behind to clean up.

CO2 is a natural component of the air.

That’s why dry ice is one of the most environmentally-friendly abrasive blasting media in the industry. Blats It Clean dry ice cleaning is a “green” method that doesn’t leave media waste or abrasive waste.

Do you care about our planet? We certainly do.

Fact #5 Dry Ice Cleaning is economically efficient

Or should we say cheap but effective?

Dry ice cleaning is a more affordable option when it comes to pricing. It also saves cleaning cost by reducing the company’s burden.

Why? Because dry ice blasting requires zero to minimum downtime since the media can be applied to active electronic devices and doesn’t require disassembly.

Therefore, Blast It clean dry ice cleaning saves you, the company owner, on labor cost, media cost, and downtime profit loss.


Blast It Clean dry ice cleaning is a trusted industrial cleaning solution for a variety of industries. For more information, contact us at 877-379-4233 or send inquiries via blastitclean.com/contact-us