Three House Cleaning Hacks That Will Tidy Up Your Business


There’s this old Asian saying: How could you clean the world if you can’t clean your home?

The New Year is a perfect time for some house-cleaning. However, did you know some of those house cleaning hacks you can find on the Internet or in Good Housekeeping magazines can also help tidy up your business?

Let’s think...

Does housecleaning differ that much from business management?

To be honest: not that much.

Tip #1: Set The Mood

Tell us you or your partner don’t put on the right kind of music before starting to clean…

Because that would be rare.

Cleaning is not the biggest fun in the world - or maybe it is, for you.

Either way, we want to set the mood for cleaning, either to fully enjoy ourselves during this immersive experience or to reduce the negative emotions we may feel doing something we are not totally in love with.

This is the same as your morning drive music on your way to work.

Or the afternoon tea background music.

Or the violin on a dinner date.

The point is…

Setting the mood in your business is crucial to bringing every employee on-board and steering the company towards the right direction.

If your employees are affected by negativity, exhaustion, and burnouts, mistakes are more likely to happen during the process. Setting the mood not only boosts the productivity but also builds a stronger company culture.


Tip #2: De-clutter Your Space

Any experienced cleaner would know:

You don’t clean when there are clusters around.

According to an article from Molly Maid, “the less you have, the less you have to put away, clean, and dust: scrutinize books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, furniture, toys the kids have outgrown, old computers you’ve outgrown, old clothes and shoes in the closets…”

It is the same way with business space, and any job sites related to your company.

It is considered good housekeeping to declutter your work space.


Because most of the indoor accidents can be avoided if the environment was tidy. As a matter of fact, clutters in offices, job sites and production facilities are considered a type of hazard.

Psychologists also found that a less cluttered environment enhances work efficiency. Open spaces and a clear vision of your surroundings can put anxious people more at ease in a professional environment.

For businesses, decluttering also means the organization of documents and even non-physical resources such as digital archives. By organizing, or “decluttering” your documents, files, and online data, your business can run much more smoothly.


Tip #3: Make a Checklist

Believe it or not…

Many people find checklists extremely helpful in house cleaning activities, even if you are only cleaning off one room.


Sometimes we tell ourselves “okay, I’m going to clean the closet today,” and that’s it.

Then we start cleaning.

But what often happens is… (and this is coming from experience) we either stop halfway because we end up with a bunch of cleaned out stuff and don’t know what to do with it…


We ended up re-organizing the closet again very soon because our original cleaning effort lacked a useful system: were the clothes consistently organized according to colors, styles or situations? Could you find what you need with your eyes closed?

The same with business management…

Making a daily checklist can significantly increase your efficiency.

It also helps you to keep track of your tasks and progress.

Plus, a checklist creates a sense of obligation: if you wrote down your task for the day, chances are, you will feel more motivated to complete them and less likely to divert from your focus.

If daily checklists sound a bit daunting…

Try to do a general monthly plan as a start.

It will definitely change the way your business runs.


We rarely find house cleaning difficult.

Tedious… Sure.

But difficult? Probably not.

We probably wouldn’t think it’s impossible to do a deep cleaning of our house.

Then why should it be different with our businesses?

As a cleaning professional, Blast It Clean emphasizes keeping our offices and job sites clean and organized as well.

And that’s why we are sharing these three cleaning hacks with you:

We, more than anybody else, know the importance of having a clean culture in your business, and we want to be there to help you build a tidy business.