Four Spring Cleaning Tips For Facility Managers

After months of the long, tedious, unpredictable winter weather, Spring is finally here. For facility managers, the change of weather has another meaning.

Yes, indeed.

The gentle breeze and the beautiful sun call for a spring cleaning.

#1 Consider a thorough walkthrough

The spring cleaning often calls for a walkthrough prior to any further work.

Even better: make it a security walkthrough as well.

For example, are there any cluttered areas around your facility? Or is there any equipment that should be upgraded or replaced?

One of the largest benefits of seasonal cleaning is that it allows you to re-evaluate the environment your employees are working in. It also allows you to assess the storage and operation part of your facilities.

At the end of the day, cleaning requirements are tied to the safety of your work environment.

And believe it or not…

A walkthrough prior to any real cleaning work can not only save you time but most importantly, it helps you to find problems you might have overlooked in the past.


#2 Focus on the floors

The floors have taken the hardest beating throughout the year. They bear the heavy traffic going in and out of your facility.

Plus… who wouldn’t notice dirty floors? Is that the impression you want to leave for your visitors?

If you have carpets, consider having them cleaned by a professional.

For wood floor or tiles, an industrial cleaner is always a great choice, if you don’t want to spend hundreds of man-hours on cleaning.

What’s even better with using an industrial cleaning service is…

It doesn’t take that much longer for your walls to get cleaned as well.

If we were to take our advice one step further:

It’s best to determine a scheduled downtime, bring in some professionals, and get everything blasted and cleaned, instead of dragging on the spring cleaning throughout a period of time. Because industrial cleaning is much more efficient than traditional cleaning, it is best to meet all your spring cleaning needs in one run.

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#3 Check your HVAC system

Never underestimate the power of summer heat.

And never overestimate how long the gentle, beautiful weather that doesn’t need air conditioning will last.

Always consider a thorough coil cleaning if you haven’t used your air conditioning system in the past few months.

Also, consider a thorough cleaning of your filtration/ventilation systems, because the last thing you want is faulty ventilation when that summer heat wave hits.

Another thing to pay attention to are the filters in your HVAC system.

Cleaning without the inspection and proper replacement of problematic filters in your system is meaningless.

Just think about the air you, your employees and visitors to your facility will be breathing in.

#4 Keep sustainability in mind (and go Green!)

The point of going green is not just about protecting the planet we live on.

Of course, that is extremely important.

But let’s be reasonable and look at it from a business’s perspective:

Ultimately, going green is the most economical way to handle your spring cleaning needs.

Here is a good example:

When you use a harmful chemical to clean, you need to invest in more time and man-power to clean up the residues.

Sometimes, it even requires ventilation (or airing-out) before your facility can be back open.

And for a business, downtime equals profit loss.

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If you look deeper into the green cleaning options and compare them with traditional methods, you will notice that green methods also reduce the risk you, the facility manager, shoulders.


Because the green methods are safer for cleaning professionals as well.

And that alone significantly reduces your liability.