Fire Restoration Dry Ice Cleaning Commercial Property


Earlier this year, we completed a Fire Restoration Dry Ice cleaning project on a commercial property in Kansas City, Kansas. The building had an interior fire that caused the businesses using the building to be interrupted. We were called in by a local contractor to clean and remove the soot and char from the concrete sealing left from the previous fire. Often for Fire Restoration project such as this one, there are two primary blast materials that are used to remove soot and char: Baking Soda and Dry Ice. For this project, Dry Ice was selected as the blasting material because other trades were working in the same area where the blasting took place. The low dust option of Dry Ice cleaning made it the clear option.

The project totaled over 10,000 square feet of concrete ceiling to be cleaned within a 2 day time frame. We completed the project utilizing a 3 man crew with 2 men performing dry ice cleaning. A total of 6,000 lbs of Dry Ice was used in 2 days with 2 blasters to meet the tight project deadline. Projects like this where catastrophe strikes in a commercial or industrial environment are where we truly succeed. We are experts in projects requiring a level of ingenuity to find the right solution, process, and production. If you have a project with a tight deadline, large production needs requiring machines and manpower, or you have a problem you do not know how to solve then give us a call we can help. Even if we may not be the right solution to your problem, we want to help you get the results you want. Thank you for reading our blog. Be sure to check out the video on this project coming soon.