Our Middle Name Is Safety - Blast It Clean Takes On Challenge

As one of the 1% featured contractors in the ISNetworld system, Blast It Clean is dedicated to conduct safe sandblasting. With our services, a client needs to not worry about workplace safety. Not only that we regulate our team members at the highest standard, we also provide additional training according to client requirements.

This project in New York was a perfect reflection of our company’s integrity and capability.

This client came to us because they needed a Dry Ice Cleaning team who can meet their safety requirements. That was when Blast It Clean came into their sight. We were called in to New York because we were the ones who proved we could comply with the stringent security and safety standards required by this project.

“Safety was KEY. Down to the exact decibel reading, everything was measured according to STRICT industry standards. Nothing was moved without a project plan in place and the completion of our on site training was paramount to our being able to work in and around their equipment.” Said Jake Liles, our project manager in charge.

The project is located inside a lab, where our team was asked to blast two large scale generators and stators efficiently detail cleaned without damaging any internal or external components or parts. These machines were needing to get back online to further produce the desired power output.

This was a strict and sensitive working environment. Considering the scope and target of this project, our team chose dry ice blasting as the method.

Dry Ice blasting is most suitable for blasting expensive electronic appliances and equipment because it is a 100% dry medium and leaves no residues behind. Upon impact, dry ice evaporates into CO2. Dry ice pellets are also able to get into extremely small crevices and difficult angles which other medias are not able to touch, which makes dry ice the best media for blasting intricate machine parts.

“Professionalism, kindness, etiquette and awareness were all important and demonstrated from our team as we met with over a dozen contacts which included maintenance and safety personal, physicists, engineers and analysts over the course of the 3 days we were there. ” Said Jake Liles.

So we are going to say it: Safety is our middle name. If you are looking for sandblasters who can meet the highest safety standards, look no further. You’ve found us.

If you have a project in mind, give us a call at (877) 379-4233, or fill out a contact form. One of our estimators will get back with you, 100% ready to help.