A Challenge In Volume- Blasting 50 Silos With Black Beauty

Blast It Clean has grown in capacity in the past decades. With our experienced team, we could take on large projects others could not fulfill. In fact, this very project came to us because of the high volume of items required to be blasted and painted.

This client was looking to sandblast and repaint 50-150 portable silos at our shop location. The paint color was specified by the client at the beginning of this project: PPG 370 structural gray.

The key to blasting a large number of items is consistency. For this project, we used a special media to ensure consistency and efficiency. Instead of regular grade media, we chose Fine Black Beauty. These media come with smoother and smaller particles.

Compared to regular grade particles, Fine Black Beauty is less intrusive to the metal surface.

After blasting, we coated the silos according to the client's requirements.

Industrial Sandblasting That Can Take On High-Volume, Large Projects:

Starting this year, Blast It Clean is increasing our capacity again and is looking to take on projects with larger volumes. If you have a batch of equipment that needs to be cleaned, get connected with one of our estimators. Fill out a contact form or give us a call at 877-379-4233.