The Difference Lies In Efficiencies - Hello, Spring!

Sometimes you may wonder:

What is it that Blast It Clean does, but others don’t?

What differentiates us from other sandblasters in the region?

And most importantly…

Why do facility managers trust us like they’d trust a business partner?


To answer that question, we need to look into what the facility managers, and most importantly, these companies are looking for, and what determines whom they eventually work with.

The price, many would say.

But the truth is, facility owners look far beyond the cost of service. For them, the real difference lies in return of investment, or to be more precise, efficiency.

And that is what Blast It Clean is good at.

On this project, we completed a 250+ man-hour project within 40-hour window.

The scope of work involves the preparation and painting of the structural steel and decking located in the upper grill room. In order to complete this project with the highest efficiency, we decided to separate this project into two sections, and proceed in sequence. In addition, Blast It Clean also cleaned areas such as decking, joists, trusses, piping, conduit, electrical before containment and painting, removing all buildup of dirt, grime, and grease.

The Industrial Cleaning Process

As always, we followed a systematic structure to carry out this project smoothly:

  1. Containment
  2. Containment is the first and irreplaceable step in facility cleaning. For this project, we used 6 mill FR Poly to create a surrounding barrier. That way, all areas, and equipment are protected from cross-contamination, overspray, debris and other pollution concerns. We also built partial contentment on parts and pieces that should not be blasted or painted.

  3. Preparation
  4. For surface preparation, Blast It Clean used dry ice blasting as the primary method, combined with hand-grinding and other tools, which were used on the areas with excessive rust.

  5. Paint
  6. We implemented a two-coat painting system for this project.

  7. Final Clean-up
  8. Upon completion, Blast It Clean removed all containments and debris. Our team also completed a final bloom sweep and shop vac before turning the project back over to our client.

Ideal Solutions For The Food & Beverage Industry

You see:

For food & beverage manufacturers, and industrial manufacturers, industrial cleaning is an expensive investment not because of how much the service cost, but because of the downtime that naturally comes along.

Media blasting requires professionalism and technique, which also means it is exclusive.

To blast clean a production facility, it requires the facility to be shut down.

The same goes for equipment.

And in the world of business, downtime equals losing profit.

That is one of the most important reasons why many production facilities schedule their down times. When an industrial cleaning company is brought in, one of the key standards is working within the scheduled downtime.

That is where Blast It Clean comes in. Our media blasting methods are much more efficient than our competitors. For our client, this means shorter downtime and thus a much higher return of investment.

Now, to the business:

Spring is here, and this is a great time for facility cleaning.

Why? Well, because spring is a purely refreshing season, and it also marks the new beginning of another year of work. That’s why a spring cleaning in the facilities or for certain equipment prepares you for this year’s work.

That sounds about right, don’t you think?

If you are in need of industrial cleaning and/or media blasting, give us a call at (877) 379-4233, or fill out an inquiry form on our website HERE.