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When we think of Florida, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush vegetation. The smell of fresh air and sand in your toes calls for a much-needed vacation.

But did you know that it wasn’t until the late 1800s that resorts were even established in Florida? Major industries followed and became a staple for Florida’s economy. The state’s warm weather began attracting a variety of people and Florida became a haven for those in need of a vacation. Major industries including manufacturing, aviation and aerospace, and agriculture boomed and Central Florida became home to many.

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Florida is currently home to over 20,000 manufacturing companies and nearly 400,000 jobs. Florida's manufacturing industry includes the manufacturing of goods such as electronics, building materials, aerospace products, batteries, pharmaceuticals, boats, and more. Considering the importance that manufacturing plays to Florida’s economy, it comes as no surprise that Governor Ron Desantis has made this a top priority. As the world economy continues to transform, there is an opportunity for Florida’s manufacturing to sow the seeds of economic success. Building Florida’s future success in manufacturing will undoubtedly require a collaborative approach.

“Time is Money”. While there are many timing factors in manufacturing; lead time, cycle time, etc, Blast It Clean has you covered. Instead of just providing a service, we will provide options and create solutions that benefit your business. We know what tools and techniques are appropriate and efficient. For example, dry ice blasting is a great technique in the food industry because it cleans and sanitizes without leaving behind residue. It is also FDA-approved. We can also recommend specific coating solutions based on your needs and uses that may make upkeep easier so you can decrease the frequency of major industrial cleaning.

Also, acrylic coating and water-based epoxies can aid in corrosion control and provide structural stability. Marine protective coatings can be used to protect boats, tankers, and other materials, acting as a barrier between the water and substrate to protect from damage. Our 24/7 industrial painting and coating services provide minimal disruption to your everyday operation and include everything from surface preparation to coating and clean-up.


Hearing a plane fly overhead is an everyday occurrence. But what if what you were hearing was actually the sound of Florida’s economy in motion? Commercial and general aviation airports in Florida are the backbone of their economy. Florida’s aviation & aerospace industry includes the manufacturing of aircraft materials. Home to more than 16,000 companies and 151,000+ employees, Florida is the leader in the global aerospace industry as many innovative companies are redefining the limits of space exploration. As the birthplace of commercial aviation, Florida is highly skilled to support engineering, robotics, technology surveillance, and more.

At Blast It Clean, the experts are trained in aerospace blasting. This type of blasting can range from metal removal from jet engine turbine discs to surface preparation when manufacturing or to repairing various aircraft parts and components. We recognize that there are strict quality standards and procedures that must be met and we ensure consistency in order to meet these needs.


Given the state's growing season is as much as 200 days longer, it should come as no shock that Florida has the 15th -most farms in the country. Florida’s recognized signature crop is oranges and citrus due partly to the Sunshine State’s annual rainfall. Vast cattle land also covers most of the west coast of Florida, generating a total economic impact of $900 million annually. As the leader in agriculture, Florida has a growing demand for agro/ecotourism opportunities, bringing tourism and agriculture together. Many people today are generations removed from farming and agriculture. This opportunity would expand on the experiences in Florida.


Whether it is restoring large machinery or cleaning small precision parts on the farm, special media blasting can remove grease, failing paint, corrosion, and more to reclaim surfaces. We have brought countless pieces of equipment back to life using media such as baking soda and dry ice that are FDA approved. As a nationwide provider, we clean anything from farm equipment to grain silos using a wide selection of mediums such as coal slag, garnet, walnut shells, corn cobs, or glass beads to cater to your specific surface and desired outcome. Corrosion is often the single biggest threat to silos and other farm equipment. This poses the risk of contamination when you consider the storage of food. When working with Blast it Clean, you're working with a reputable company to perform storage and silo restoration and help get the job done efficiently with little downtime and minimal service interruptions.



Trust the leader in sandblasting and coating to meet your needs. A job isn't done unless it's done right. At Blast It Clean, we are here to accommodate “off’ hours to reduce disruption to your facility's production and we have the ability to service anywhere, including Florida. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you in your state.


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