About Blast It Clean


Blast It Clean is not your run-of-the-mill cleaning company. We perform industrial cleaning, stripping, and painting. Our focuses are structural, both interior and exterior, down to the smallest mechanical component and everything in between. We have the skill and knowledge to remove anything on a surface, such as paint, rust, grease, mold, or something as simple as dust. Using over 48 different blasting media solutions, we have the ability to tailor each process to satisfy each client’s expectations.

Our team members are knowledgeable in terms of media blasting, power washing, painting and stripping, and other expertise, with hands-on experience that allows them to adjust according to each project.

Founded in 2001, Blast It Clean has served the Midwest Region for 20+ consecutive years and has been expanding our service coverage further across the nation. With a communication system integrating direct phone calls, emails, and messages, Blast It Clean strives to be present whenever a client seeks assistance.

sandblasting construction worker with hood on and hoses


Envirologics has a long and rich history of service to its customers. The quality and ingenuity of their solutions can only be matched by the backgrounds and history of the people who make up the firm. In 1974 co-founder Rick D. was designing ventilation and dust control systems that would late form the foundation of air quality and dust control in the work environment. In 1986 Les, coatings lead at the time, was applying state of the art automobile finishes. In 1997 at the age of 12, Rick S. had just started his first business venture where he learned taking care of people drives the business.

Rick S. was in the property management business managing over 400 homes in various parts of the united states. He desired a management role and was unable to obtain that in the business he was currently in. During his search, he met with Rick D. over coffee, and for a year they negotiated how they could partner together. Rick D. asked him if he would be willing to manage Envirologics and Rick S. agreed.


the history of blast it clean in an infographic timeline


The company needed new upgrades and additional processes put into place. Rick worked under the GM at the time to learn the ins and out of the business. He also spent a lot of time out in the field blasting on projects with the team as well to get a good feel of the processes that were currently being implemented.

Rick sold his personal vehicle and drove a Chevy S10 and a Chevy 1 ton visiting clients and selling our services bringing them back completed from operations, directing, and all the way down to managing the projects. The Chevy 1 ton still runs to this day.


chevrolet one ton truck

“Remember this feeling. You will never have as much fun as you are having right now” - Rick D.


In 2015 the company invested in basic safety and technical training. We needed our staff to be compliant with OSHA, confined space, and a variety of safety regulations, especially when operating our equipment.

In 2017 five new box trucks were purchased. This was a huge investment, but too much money was being put into the maintenance of the older vehicles so it was time to upgrade for efficiency. 

During all of the equipment purchases and training investments, relationships were being built with clients letting them know about Blast It Clean's newest services. There were many years of establishing new trusts and bonds between our clients and most still work with us to this very day.

Paint booth
Paint booth was installed around 2017.
Truck fleet with new logos
Truck fleet with new logos.


In 2018 there was a variety of administration office makeovers. First, we removed the carpet, completed a full reorganization of the structure, and did a deep clean of all the dust and debris. Cubicles were put into the main part of the office, but soon after they were removed. The office space became more of an open concept and an open door policy was put into place for better communication. The walls were repainted, the floors were blasted, the drop ceiling was removed, ductwork was installed, and that was the last of the remodeling at the time.

2020 was a difficult time for everyone who was running a business. Blast It Clean was considered an essential business, so we had the opportunity to keep moving forward. Making sure that we worked within the guidelines and pandemic mandates, we succeeded through COVID and even had a record-breaking year despite the difficulties.

Once all these changes were made, there was a healthy increase in a positive culture, new equipment was purchased, and revenue grew by 30 - 40% every year. Blast It Clean continues to see growth year over year and is constantly expanding on a national level of service. We have performed blasting services not only across the Kansas City area but as far as New York and we don't plan to stop there.

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