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Over our many years of blasting, we have always strived for efficiency, and part of that included becoming a one-stop shop for clean-up from start to finish. When we say from start to finish we mean learning your wants and needs, analyzing your site, finding the right cost that works for you, prepping, containing, blasting, adhering to the coating, and cleaning up.

We use many variations when it comes to industrial painting and industrial coating. However, we specialize in commercial painting, protective coating, marine coating, industrial applications, waterproofing membranes, and traffic coatings. To learn more about the specifics of these applications, click here. From elasticity to cosmetic, each coating has a purpose.

white coating being applied to a parking deck


Have you ever put off necessary coating projects because you are worried about extended downtime? We understand the value of time and want to avoid unnecessary downtime and disruptions to your operation. First by scheduling preventative maintenance during your slowdown; then by providing flexibility. Blast It Clean can work overnights, weekends, or extended shifts to accommodate and minimize the impact on your business. Neglecting a surface that needs coating can end up costing you more in the long term.


Do you have a project that could benefit from paint? Blast It Clean can help you break down the specific advantages of many different paints to find the one best suited to your needs. We also handle stripping and cleaning so you can know the surface is prepared accordingly with one company handling the whole process. Start the conversation with our experts today!

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