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Paint. It is so intrinsic in every product and surface that we don’t often think about how valuable it is. The history of painting goes back more than thirty thousand years to its use on cave walls. It wasn’t until the invention of the assembly line during the Industrial Revolution, that a whole new market of painting was born. It was quickly realized that paint can make something last longer and look better.

The need for industrial painting services comes down to function first, then appearance. It isn’t just about aesthetics when you need a high-performing coating to withstand the tough demands of processing plants, production facilities, and robust industrial buildings. Paint can preserve the surface it is applied to and extend the lifetime of those materials to keep them looking good. The purpose of choosing a paint could be protective, structural, cosmetic, cost-saving benefits, or a combination of these.

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Look at the can of any paint or coating and you will likely see something like “make sure surface is clean and void of dirt, debris, peeling”. Any painter will tell you the most important step of any painting project is properly preparing the surface. The problem is that most painters are limited in their knowledge and ability to handle the various conditions and surfaces that need to be painted.

Usually, someone calls a painter because the current paint doesn’t look good, so they just think put on a new coat. Painting over a problem does not fix it. Before the paint goes on, some things should be addressed.


Over our many years of blasting, we have always strived for efficiency, and part of that included becoming a one-stop-shop for a clean-up from start to finish. When we say from start to finish we mean learning your wants and needs, analyzing your site, finding the right cost that works for you, prepping, containing, blasting, adhering to the coating, and cleaning up.

We use many variations when it comes to industrial painting and industrial coating. However, we specialize in commercial painting, protective coating, marine coating, industrial applications, waterproofing membranes, and traffic coatings. To learn more about the specifics of these applications, click here. From elasticity to cosmetic, each coating has a purpose.


Our biggest priority is the longevity of your surface. If the surface doesn’t get blasted and or cleaned properly, then the paint won’t last nearly as long. Surprisingly, this tends to be more overlooked than you might think. Painting over old paint or debris is a common mistake and in most cases, your coating simply will not last without quality surface preparation. One of the most important aspects of painting is sustaining the longevity of the canvas we are coating it on.

By us blasting with an end goal of painting, we can blast with the intent of using the correct Society for Protective Coatings Surface Preparation Standards (SSPC). During surface preparation, not only clean to the level of SSPC specced for the project we also have over 47 different ideas to choose from in order to apply the correct mill profile on the surface. Each coating requires a different profile for it to adhere to.

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coating on steel beamsSteel is a common material used in commercial construction and manufacturing facilities. The issue with steel (and other metal) is their vulnerability to corrosion. Immediately after our blasting services remove any rust and properly prepare the surface for adhesion, we can apply a rust-inhibiting primer and durable, water-resistant paint to protect the metal. The specific characteristics of the paint will vary and be dictated by application; structural elements, piping, equipment, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Another widely used component susceptible to deterioration is concrete and/or masonry. Understanding the weakness of this material we are able to use paint that restores the stability of the structure and protects it for prolonged use.

Some paint jobs require the removal of any foreign material in order for the paint to last properly, others require an (SPC5 Near White Metal) with a 2 mill profile. If you don’t blast to the specific spec, then you will have possible issues in the future. We try to avoid those issues entirely by doing it correctly from the start.


Our industrial painting services are aimed at protecting and prolonging the life of your assets. On every project, there are specific functions paint must satisfy as well as a level of aesthetic appeal that needs to be achieved. Our goal is to consider both of these objectives to find the best solution catered to our clients.

If you have a job that needs close attention to detail from containment to clean-up, Blast It Clean has the most capable team to get it done and get it done right. As a mobile company, we are willing to travel to almost any state. We are knowledgeable, understanding of your expectations, flexible, and able to provide you with a valuable solution.

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