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Part of what we do here at Blast It Clean tends to involve environmentally hazardous materials and deadly toxins. But that is what we prepare for and we equip our team with the tools and techniques to deal with hazardous waste.


Lead can be found in all parts of the environment. It's even found in your own home. The majority of lead exposure comes from the use of fossil fuels including leaded gasoline and lead-based paint in homes. Lead can enter the environment from industrial sources and contaminated sites, like lead smelters. Lead is not all negative. There is a natural level in the soil that can range from 50 and 400 parts per million. The reason why it can get to an unhealthy level is directly related to mining and smelting refining activities. These activities cause lead levels to increase as it is brought closer to the surface.

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Dealing with lead can be a difficult situation for business owners. You want to make sure your investment works for you long term and you certainly want to ensure you are staying compliant in the health and safety of your business environment. 


When lead is encapsulated, it is considered a "bandaid" method. Temporarily covering up a lead-based paint or coating. This usually is done by sealing the lead with encapsulation paint. It can also be done with an adhesive material or a sealed structure.

Any of these methods can be effective, but it does depend on the situation. If you plan on using encapsulation paint, you must consider the condition of the lead-based material underneath. is it paint that is cracked and failing? You may want to consider a permanent removal with any of Blast It Clean's blasting media. 

Adhesives can give you the same temporary effect, again, depending on the lead-based material that was originally adhered to the surface. This method may be a great option, or you may want to consider permanent removal.

If you plan on walling off the lead-based surface, that may work in your favor, but you will be looking at a loss of space. If you can afford to lose that space without causing disruption in your facility, this may be an effective method.

Whatever your situation may be, the lead should be addressed immediately as it is a health hazard to those in your facility.


Permanent removal of any lead-based substance will ensure that the problem does not persist. Removing it will also guarantee lead dust contaminants will no longer be lingering in your facility.

You can consider removing any lead-based paint with chemical stripping. However, we still recommend using professionals to ensure the proper removal of all hazardous materials.

We perform abrasive blasting to fully remove lead from any surface. We are the experts in stripping and removing lead-based substances, so we can come up with a plan that works best for you. Blast It Clean carefully executes with safety precautions put into place during this removal process. Containment is erected to ensure that lead dust is not contaminating the air and cleaning up the solid waste is taken very seriously following the blasting.

We would definitely recommend the permanent removal of any lead in your building or manufacturing plant. We understand that the costs to achieve this may be higher than temporary encapsulation, but it will be a long-term investment well worth making for your health and safety.


Blast It Clean provides a nationwide lead removal service that can be used on a routine basis. Our clients find that we are more efficient in our cleaning processes than what they would be able to accomplish on their own. We deal with lead removal quite frequently. From lead paint all the way down to lead dust in the air, we can remove it for you.

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