Blast It Clean Safety Protocols & Procedures


Educating employees on safety is the first step. It is the company’s responsibility to provide adequate training for employees based on potential hazards. The employee should never have to make an assumption on safety if they are properly trained on workplace hazards as well as the processes and procedures in place to avoid and address them.

Blast it Clean employees complete over 50 safety-specific courses covering everything from confined spaces, aerial lifts, and PPE to mold hazards and commercial driving. Together our worker’s compensation representative and safety director have created an extensive training curriculum.

industrial safety stands


sandblasting expert lowering into a confined space

Performing any work in a confined space is dangerous but the added safety risks of abrasive blasting can make it downright terrifying. Take for example removing corrosion from steel; you have the health hazard from media blasting. Performing the blasting 30’ up on scaffolding introduces a fall risk and it is on the inside of a grain bin so tack on confined space risk.

Challenges of mobility proliferate when you are sandblasting in a confined space. Not only do you have to overcome getting in the space and being able to move about but you have additional equipment and many times you are creating waste from residue removal or as a byproduct of the blasting that then has to be removed using restricted means.

OSHA 30-Hour training for construction and general industry prepares supervisors and workers to avoid workplace safety and health risks. Topics covered in OSHA 30-Hour training include general worksite safety, avoiding common hazards, understanding workers' rights, employer responsibilities, and more.

Our team is trained in OSHA 30-Hour compliance and follows all safety protocols and procedures on every job site.

ISNetworld is an online contractor and supplier management platform of data-driven products and services that help manage risk, support sustainability, and strengthen relationships. It helps reduce unnecessary duplication associated with traditional qualification processes.

Blast It Clean submits information into ISNetworkd based on regulatory and Hiring Client requirements. Then ISN's Review and Verification Services team reviews the information against regulatory and/or Hiring Client requirements. Finally. once approved by ISNetworold, we can have contractors sourced, providing growth for Blast It Clean and improvements in workplace safety.

Lead has been poisoning workers for thousands of years. Lead can damage the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, reproductive system, hematological system, and kidneys. When absorbed into the body in high enough doses, lead can be toxic.

Short-term (acute) overexposure - as short as days - can cause acute encephalopathy, a condition affecting the brain that develops quickly into seizures, coma, and death from cardiorespiratory arrest. Short-term occupational exposures of this type are highly unusual but not impossible.

Extended, long-term (chronic) overexposure can result in severe damage to the central nervous system, particularly the brain. It can also damage the blood-forming, urinary, and reproductive systems. There is no sharp dividing line between rapidly developing acute effects of lead and chronic effects that take longer to develop.

BROWZ ensures supply chains are safe, qualified, and socially responsible by delivering comprehensive solutions to prequalify, assess, and monitor compliance based on the unique needs of your business.

The BROWZ product suite addresses your needs related to identifying risk within your supply chain, managing employee-level data, conducting safety auditing, and sourcing new suppliers.


Our team is trained specifically to give us the ability to remove and work around lead environments while our team takes precautionary measures to ensure their safety. We are trained as a company using OSHA's protocol material receiving the capabilities to remove lead, clean lead, and dispose of lead if necessary.

We partner with Lezage Training Center to host online courses. This makes it easy to track and measure requirements for each employee. These courses are required of all employees at hire and must then be reviewed and tested annually to keep hazards and procedures top of mind.

It’s not just our operations team out on the job sites that are required to complete training. Annual training for the management and administration team is required as well.