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The answer is no. When sandblasting was first introduced, it included sand as a media because it was a cheap and easily accessible form of abrasive. However, it was discovered that sand was incredibly damaging to the lungs and caused a condition called silicosis.

To adapt to OSHA standards, Blast It Clean uses environmentally friendly abrasives free of any harmful chemicals that can be damaging if inhaled.


Blast It Clean's most predominantly used media comes from Harsco Corporation called BLACK BEAUTY® Coal Slag. We specifically choose Black Beauty because of the quality and the environmental commitment. Harsco tests its materials and finished products in its labs to monitor consistency and industry compliance. Each time they test, it helps them adjust the product as needed. Harsco as a company was built around recycling and so they are constantly meeting or exceeding environmental regulations.

black beauty medium grade close up photo


Used for general purpose repair and maintenance blasting, including removal of paint, rust, mill scale, and other coatings from surfaces. Minimum suggested nozzle size of 1/4" and, under standard blasting conditions, will achieve a 3.0-4.8 Mil profile.


Utilized for new construction, light paint and rust removal, and special maintenance applications requiring reduced profiles. Minimum suggested nozzle size of 3/16” and, under standard blasting conditions, will achieve a 2.0-3.5 Mil profile.

black beauty fine grade close up photo
black beauty extra fine grade close up photo


Applicable for light blasting requiring a clean surface and minimum anchor profile, including brush-off blast or high-pressure water blast systems. Minimum suggested nozzle size of 1/8” and, under standard blasting conditions, will achieve a 1.0-2.6 Mil profile.


Blast it Clean's sandblasting media is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. As long as the surface that is being blasted does not contain toxins, the media we use is precisely engineered to be harm-free to the surrounding environment. If toxins are blasted on the surface, we always install containment and perform mandatory media cleanup to reduce contamination. 

As new media is being produced and current media is diligently staying compliant, we keep ourselves informed so we can continue to be industry leaders in the world of sandblasting.

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