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Also known as the “Natural State” Arkansas is home to many wildlife creatures. Mountains and Rivers stretch across the area, covering vast terrain. The Natural States' landscape and climate produce a wide variety of agricultural products including rice, Arkansas’ largest agricultural export. Arkansas alone produces half of all the rice in the US. Machinery used in this industry can undergo harsh wear that requires consistent cleaning, sanitation, and maintenance. The machinery has to be able to withstand harsh conditions like dirt, grit, and other chemicals.

It should come as no surprise that with rising inflation and shortages of parts  across the country, companies are seeking ways to refurbish what they already have. It’s no different for Arkansas. Transportation manufacturing is prominent in Arkansas, which is home to some of the nation's most trusted names in shipping. Prolonging the lifestyle of Arkansas’s transportation inventory could save them time and money while helping to pass truck inspections and ensure that vehicles are safe on the road.

Arkansas is also the leading export of aerospace products and parts. Arkansas aids in developing rockets and other defense systems and accounts for more than $1.8 billion in aircraft and parts. Today nearly 180 aviation and aero-space-related companies call Arkansas home. To preserve these products, paint and other coatings often need to be stripped and blasted from wheels, landing gear, propellers, generators, and other aircraft components.

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There is often much maintenance to be done in Arkansas as farmers gear up for planting season. Tractors, harvesters, and other equipment that needs repair, repainting, and surface cleaning. Special media blasting can remove grease, failing paint, corrosion, and more to reclaim surfaces. We have a wide selection of mediums such as coal slag, garnet, walnut shells, corn cobs, or glass beads to cater to your specific surface and desired outcome. For example, Black Beauty coal stag is a fast-cutting abrasive that efficiently handles the removal of rust (and spoiled crop residue) on steel surfaces like a grain bin. It also adequately prepares the surface for adhesion of sealant and recoating to prolong the use of your storage.

Whether it is restoring large machinery or cleaning small precision parts, sandblasting in Arkansas farms can improve your equipment’s appearance and operation. We have brought countless pieces of equipment back to life. We perform industrial cleaning using media that is FDA approved such as dry ice blasting and baking soda. We also serve nationwide and can clean anything from farm equipment to grain silos.


Transportation equipment may include bending, welding, and forming metal or plastic into mechanical parts and components. These components may be used in many transportation sectors including road, rail, air, and water transportation. Unfortunately, as we’ve all probably experienced, parts rust and wear out over time and need to be replaced or cleaned. Many fleet business owners are also determined to maintain and preserve the conditions of their trucks and trailers. Through sandblasting, rust and corrosion can be removed and new paint applied to prevent future deterioration. From acrylic coating to water-based epoxies, industrial painting is a must to protect and maintain these parts.

The application of these highly engineered specialty materials can aid in corrosion control, help resist abrasion, provide structural stability, and restore surfaces. We know business doesn’t stop for painting and maintenance so working efficiently with minimal disruption is important. Or industrial painting and coating services include everything from surface preparation to coating and clean-up. We have you covered so that you can pay attention to what's on the road.


Aerospace blasting can range from metal removal from jet engine turbine discs to surface preparation when manufacturing or to repairing various aircraft parts and components. We recognize that there are strict quality standards and procedures that must be met and we ensure consistency to meet these needs.



Sandblasting could offer many unique economic and quality-of-life benefits to Arkansas through its top-tier industries. Blast It Clean serves a wide range of customers from farmers to construction managers and industrial companies. We know we offer a hard-to-find specialty in painting and coating and we want to help you. Reach out to us and let us know how we can help you continue to preserve what's yours and return it back to its “Natural State.”


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