Bringing Positive Energy – Meet Chris

employee chris sitting with his son

Employee Spotlight is a new series intended to share a glimpse into our team. Our hope is that you can get to know us a little better. CHRIS’ ROLE AT BLAST IT CLEAN Chris joined Blast It Clean as a sandblaster in 2016. He works in the field helping our team with blasting, painting, or…

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The Evolution and Maintenance of Silos and Tanks

large storage tank silo with construction equipment in background

THE HISTORY OF SILOS AND TANKS The history of silos and tanks is quite fascinating, as these structures have played an important role in agriculture and infrastructure development. The concept of storing grains or other materials in containers dates back thousands of years, but the modern silos and tanks we see today have evolved significantly…

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Beyond Sand: The Eco-Savvy Benefits of Glass Bead in Sustainable Sandblasting

glass bead blasting media construction worker removing graffiti using sandblasting

Considering the environment when utilizing media blasting techniques is paramount for several reasons. The process can generate dust and airborne particles containing hazardous substances, posing risks to both worker health and nearby residents if not effectively controlled. Prioritizing environmentally friendly blasting media and implementing containment measures is vital to mitigate air pollution and safeguard air…

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Special Media Blasting: Exploring the Advancements

crew member using special media for sandblasting wood ceiling

Sandblasting, a technique where you use abrasives to clean, smooth, or shape surfaces, has been around since the late 1800s. At first, folks mostly used sand because it was cheap and easy to find. But over time, things have changed, especially with the rise of special media sandblasting. This came about partly because people started…

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Industrial Coating: Painting the Future

rusty silo on its side next to a new white coating silo

WHAT IS INDUSTRIAL COATING? When was the last time you took a tour through a warehouse and noticed the different types of paint? Have you ever stopped to consider that people take aesthetics for granted? These looks and styles that we notice may have greater significance than what meets the eye. For businesses in the…

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Blast It Clean – Your Partner in Surface Preparation and Maintenance

Blast It Clean is not your run-of-the-mill cleaning company. Our cleaning services are specifically targeted for preventative maintenance. Like a car that requires routine maintenance, so too do structural surfaces and mechanical components. We often underestimate the value of having a clean surface. It’s one thing to forget to clean your kitchen countertop and wake…

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Benefits of Baking Soda Blasting

Choosing the right method of blasting can be crucial for a project’s success. Two common types of blasting are soda blasting and sandblasting. Soda blasting and sandblasting have many distinct differences, applications, and advantages and disadvantages. This article will elaborate on many of these differences and better educate you on the processes. Knowing the purpose…

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Historical Renovation Media Blasting Project

We were brought in on a large Historical Renovation Media Blasting project in Overland Park, Kansas. Some may recognize the property as the old King Louie Bowling Alley and Ice Rink building. The project required all the wood surfaces to be brought back to their original state. To achieve that result, we media blasted the…

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Log Cabin Stain Removal

An individual customer contacted us about his Log Cabin Stain Removal project in Central Kansas to remove the existing wood stain and buildup on a customer’s log cabin home. THE PROCESS FOR THE LOG CABIN STAIN REMOVAL The customer’s biggest concern was bringing a process and solution that could remove the stain effectively without severely…

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