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Whether you’re looking for restoration, cleaning, or blasting services, we’re here to help 24/7 past the stunning coastlines and roaring hills of Connecticut's countryside lives a group of manufacturing pioneers. Together these pioneers form one of America's most successful and forward-thinking advanced manufacturing economies.

Today, Connecticut’s manufacturing industry continues to be highly diversified from jet aircraft engines, helicopters, and nuclear submarines. This has made a significant contribution to Connecticut’s standard of life. With that comes a lot of machinery and equipment that needs to be cleaned.

Another important industry with large equipment to clean is farming and agriculture. Connecticut’s farms produce substantial quantities of milk, eggs, poultry, and vegetables. As farmers gear up for planting season, tractors and other farm equipment are often in desperate need of repair, painting, and surface cleaning.

The third largest industry in Connecticut is aquaculture. This includes a diverse range of operations from growing shellfish on underwater leases to raising fish in inland freshwater tank farms. Aquaculture is the fastest-growing food production in the world. As the fish are harvested, belts rapidly move the fish to the holding tanks. During the transfer, grading equipment is used to sort the fish. Once the fish are graded, they go into transfer trucks. Keeping any food production facility can be a huge concern between the equipment and the facility itself. We are here to help.

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Leave it to the professionals who have brought countless pieces of heavy equipment back to life. We offer 24 -Hour Services nationwide and will blast on-site. Feel good knowing that any paint, primer, heavy rust, oil, grease, or grime you may have will be removed and done right. Anything from surface cleaning to blasting farm equipment and grain silos, we are ready to assist you.


Industrial painting can be used to maintain and protect manufacturing plants and factories like those found in Connecticut. Acrylic coatings and water-based epoxies can aid in corrosion control, help resist abrasion, provide structural stability, insulate and provide UV protection, and restore surfaces. Due to the highly diversified marine manufacturing, Connecticut has many needs including warehouse painting, interior factory painting, tank coating, exterior plant painting, machinery painting, exterior storage painting, steel structures, and more. Marine Protective Coatings can be used to protect ships, vessels, tankers, and other materials, acting as a barrier between the water and substrate to protect from damage. We know that time is money, and money is time. Our 24/7 industrial painting and coating services provide minimal disruption to your everyday operation and include everything from surface preparation to coating and clean-up.


Large Connecticut American agricultural silo storageSpecial Media Blasting can be used to remove grease, failing paint, and corrosion from tractors harvesters, and other farming equipment. Coal slag, garnet, walnut shells, corn cobs, and glass beads are used to cater to a specific surface or desired outcome. For example, Corn Cobb Blasting offers a softer, more environmentally friendly alternative to other media in the agriculture industry. Corn Cobb will clean and polish without damaging the surface and will also absorb oils and liquids while cleaning a surface such as a grain silo. From restoring large machinery to cleaning small precision parts, special media can improve equipment appearance and operation in Connecticut. We perform industrial cleaning using media that is FDA-approved, including dry ice blasting and baking soda. We cover anything from farm equipment to silos and will come to you.


scoop in bin of dry ice connecticutDuring dry ice blasting, pellets evaporate on contact and dissipate into the air leaving behind no residue and creating secondary waste. Many food facilities effectively utilize this method. It is safe to use with the food processing equipment of all materials and can be completed quickly since there is no need to change cleaning methods between surfaces. This method is FDA, EPA, and USDA-approved and considered nontoxic. It also benefits employees by reducing time spent in contact with chemical cleaning agents. Dry ice can stop mold and mildew growth in your fish tanks and eliminate fungi and odors by destroying the odor-causing bacteria. Many industries such as this can face the constant challenge of maintaining cleanliness. The great thing is that method doesn’t harm humans, animals, or marine life. There is also no secondary waste generated by the method, making it the preferred cleaning method for environmentally motivated companies.

Trust the leader in sandblasting and coating to meet your needs. Our record here at Blast It Clean shows our commitment to safety and doing a job right. Our team has the training to work in all environments. We are result-oriented. A job isn't done unless it's done right. We can work 24 hours around the clock to get a job done on time and minimize the shutdown of your food-production facility. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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