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Delaware, also known as the “First State'' was the first to ratify the U.S. Constitution and one of the original 13 colonies. Located along the East Coast in the Mid-Atlantic region and covering less than 2,000 square miles, Delaware relies heavily on manufacturing, specifically suited for companies in distribution, warehousing, business services, and beverage manufacturing. Low land costs and low taxes in Delaware are allowing companies to put extra money back into their businesses, making real estate a major industry for Delaware. With significantly lower costs of living and lower land costs, Delaware agriculture is also thriving thanks to farming.

For clients in catastrophe recovery and restoration, Blast It Clean provides 24/7 emergency response. We recognize that being hit by unexpected conditions is bad enough, but not having someone to help can be worse. For Blast It Clean, we position ourselves as the helping hand that is always willing to assist. When it comes to real estate, a major industry in Delaware, witnessing a raging fire engulf your home or business can make you feel powerless and invoke a range of emotions. Fire restoration services can be crucial in providing support and helping to rebuild a person’s livelihood.

At Blast It Clean, we also offer 24/7 services when it comes to seasonally scheduled downtime and our client's schedule. This is especially beneficial for Delaware manufacturing and industrial cleaning as it allows for flexibility and maximized shutdown.

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crew member sandblasting baking soda media onto damaged ceilingBecause real estate is a major industry in Delaware, we recognize that unexpected tragedies happen. Blast It Clean’s fire restoration services are best utilized in smoke removal and soot clean-up. When fires occur, soot can cause corrosion and further deterioration. Smoke is sneaky and the smell can settle quickly. An effective plan to remedy these can save you from ongoing issues. Baking soda and dry ice blast cleaning are common abrasive cleaners preferred for fire damage restoration. Baking soda has been found to be ideal for removing soot and char. When used it has the added plus of neutralizing the soot and char odors. This process is similar to putting a box of baking soda into your refrigerator to capture odors. The process of dry ice blasting is generally not as fast as soda cleaning but can be effective. Dry ice is effective in eradicating mold. The process of encapsulation and fire restoration is becoming more accepted as delivering the best odor elimination performance and saving your home and business from future damage. 


Delaware relies heavily on chemical manufacturing including pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, and plastic. With Blast It Clean, costs connected with the disposal of Delaware's hazardous manufacturing chemicals and solvents can be saved with dry ice cleaning. Dry ice evaporates in contact with the surface being treated. Only the dislodged coating material must be removed from beneath the treated surface. Carbon, grime, and dirt can contribute to low readings as well as catastrophic equipment failure in manufacturing industries, dry ice cleaning removes these contaminants, improving readings and restoring machines efficiently.

Blast It Clean is suited for any business disaster that may occur in Delaware's manufacturing. We develop and implement a plan to stop the economic bleeding that is caused by business interruption. Blast It Clean has processes in place to help companies resume operations and get back to business as usual. The Blast It Clean approach is credited with reducing downtime through a trained workforce that supports projects that are large enough to warrant working around the clock to achieve early completion. We recognize that those in the manufacturing industry may not need our services every day, however, we strive to make our customers aware that we are always just a phone call away with the ability to react and complete projects within hours. Our team is trained to get every project completed safely with the highest importance on results, quality, and value.


cornfield with mountains and sunset in backgroundDelaware has a thriving agriculture industry. Corn is the First State’s top crop, which is grown over two-fifths of Delaware’s cultivated land. Other important Delaware agriculture products include soybeans, wheat, and dairy. The benefits of special media blasting for agriculture and farming are endless for Delaware farmers. Special media blasting can be used to remove grease, failing paint, and corrosion for farming equipment. Coal slag, garnet, walnut shells, corn cobs, and glass beads are used to cater to a specific surface or desired outcome. For example, corn cobb blasting offers a softer, more environmentally friendly alternative to other media in the agriculture industry. Corn cobb will clean and polish without damaging the surface and will also absorb oils and liquids while cleaning a surface such as a grain silo. From restoring large machinery to cleaning small precision parts, special media can improve equipment appearance and operation in Delaware.

We perform industrial cleaning using media that is FDA-approved, including dry ice blasting and baking soda. We cover anything from farm equipment to silos and have the ability to come to you. Corrosion is often the biggest threat to silos and farm equipment and can impact the exterior and interior. This poses the risk of contamination when you consider the storage of food. Let Blast It Clean help you find the right solution for Delaware's agriculture needs.

Our record here at Blast It Clean shows our commitment to safety and doing a job right. Our team has the training to work in all environments. We are result-oriented. A job isn't done unless it's done right. We can work 24 hours around the clock to get a job done on time and minimize the shutdown of your food-production facility. Trust the leader in sandblasting and coating to meet your needs.

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