Project Name: Blast & Paint- 5300 Municipal KCPD

Project Industry: Disaster Restoration

Client: ServPro of Olathe & Lenexa

Application: Baking Soda Blasting & Painting

Size: 30,000 Sq Ft

Location: Kansas City, Missouri




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You already know Blast It Clean provides the best solutions for cleaning and preparing surfaces, but did you know we also complete the process with our industrial painting and coating services?

Paint can completely alter the look and feel of a room. That’s precisely what we did on this project in Kansas City, Missouri partnering with ServPro.

Blast It Clean has been a preferred contractor with ServoPro of Olathe and Lenexa for many years because of our ability to provide quick and reliable service on their fire restoration projects. ServPro is a trusted name with a restoration mentality. They know we have the same approach and the knowledge and experience to complete difficult abrasive cleaning jobs AND painting. The goal of this project was to deliver a refreshed look to a municipal space.


warehouse with construction worker and wood on the floor
During Cleanup
building with baking soda on the ground
During Blasting

This large warehouse setting required us to clean and paint over 30,000 sq. ft of surface area. Our first step was to make sure all surfaces were clean and smooth. This meant removing all the soot, grease, and dirt. Starting with the ceiling decking, we used soda blasting to clean and deodorize all surfaces including the joists, piping, decking, structural beams, and conduit. Soda blasting allowed us to get into all the tight angles of the ceilings which we then washed clean to leave a fresh surface, ideal for the paint to adhere to.


The painting was done in two phases working top-down. Since we started with the ceiling, the walls, floors, lights, and other obstacles were masked off. When using a spray application containment becomes even more important. We want to protect other surfaces not just from overspray, but from dust and other airborne particles. It also makes for quicker and easier clean-up.

Using a professional quality product with the proper application makes a big difference in your outcome. In this project, we used Sherwin William Pro Industrial Multi-Surface Acrylic. This is a self-priming waterborne gloss acrylic ideal for commercial buildings and industrial walls like the warehouse environment we were working in. This multi-surface acrylic is considered a dry fall-type coating. This feature helps to reduce the risk of traditional overspray because the additive allows the paint drops to dry rapidly during the “fall” so they can be swept away. While fast drying and high dust, the result is a hard finish.

We removed containment and masking with the ceiling complete and moved on to the walls. A quick chemical power wash insured we were starting with an oil-free surface. To deliver a uniform long-lasting finish we then sealed the walls which were constructed of masonry bricks. Applying Sherwin Williams Loxon Concrete & Masonry Primer first seals up the porous concrete and promotes proper adhesion for the topcoat.

freshly painted white walls and ceiling
ceiling painted white

Again, using a spray application, Blast It Clean completed the painting with two coats of the multi-surface acrylic coating in an eg-shell sheen. The clean white finish brightened up this space and the quality product guaranteed color and gloss retention for years to come. After the final clean-up, we were able to bask in the look, feel, and smell of a job well done.

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