Project Name: Kansas City Zoo - Blast & Coat Roof

Project Industry: Historic Restoration

Client: Kansas City Zoo

Application: Black Beauty Coal Slag & Epoxy Coating

Size: 2,500 sq ft

Location: Kansas City, Missouri


brown painted awning with soda machine behind plastic containment


Throughout our 18+ years of operation, Blast It Clean built a strong and trusting relationship with many of the local businesses, organizations, and institutions in the Kansas City Metro Area. With the way industrial service providers are, companies like ours are often out of the spotlight. However, if you look close enough, you will see our work behind many projects throughout the city.

Blast It Clean established the relationship with Kansas City Zoo back in 2016. Ever since then, we have always been one of the most dedicated service vendors for this Kansas City’s local’s favorite location.

For this project, Blast It Clean went in to blast a steel-galvanized roof, structural steel columns, and joists removing failing paint and rust. To help avoid damage to the nearby structures and cross-contamination, Blast It Clean provided full containment with negative airflow around all assets. After blasting, we primed then applied an epoxy topcoat for added protection. Blast It Clean recommend a Carboline system for this project.

At the end of this project, Blast It Clean provided a thorough cleaning, which included a final floor sweep and vacuum and the removal of all containment, leaving the area for all visitors of the Kansa City Zoo to enjoy.

before blasting and painting failing brown paint
During containment
brown awning with benches and soda machine

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