Project Name: Blasting Indoor Pool Patio - City of Mission

Project Industry: Government & Pool Restoration

Client: City of Mission, KS

Application: Hydro Blasting

Size: 4,000 Sq Ft

Location: Kansas City, Kansas


after blasting indoor pool patio with slide in background


At some point, you have probably been inconvenienced by a crew replacing blacktop on a public road. To most it looks like a lot of large equipment, dirt flying around, and a few guys in orange shirts. Do you know what that process involves or what those machines are doing? Maybe you haven’t given it much thought and were more worried about the effect on your vehicle’s paint job.

Many times, milling is the process used to repair a paved surface. This involves removing the asphalt surface leaving the sub-base intact. The process uses a cold planer that trails a drum head covered in spikes that dig into the asphalt ripping it up and capturing it.

Like many projects Blast it Clean does, we were called to remove the failing coating and prepare an indoor pool patio for repairs and/or new coating. The difference in this project is that the coating that needed to be removed was similar to asphalt with a sand aggregate. The surface that needed to be removed is the surrounding of an indoor aquatic center.

Can you imagine trying to complete the milling process described in an enclosed setting like that? Even a “small” cold planer is about 52” wide overall which planes a 12” run. The indoor aquatic center has drained every 10 feet which need to be avoided and only about 3 feet of clearance between obstacles. There isn’t any surface large enough to maneuver a piece of equipment like that.

The reason the customer needed to remove the coating on their indoor pool patio was that water was getting under it and rusting the rebar of the base concrete. Not only was it causing an eyesore but it will eventually mean structural issues if the problem isn’t addressed. After testing a small area, we were able to confirm the soundness of the concrete below. At this time, just the coating needed to be removed to save the facility from more costly improvements, but milling wasn’t an option.


Hydro blasting pumps water at an amplified pressure to break down the targeted surface on this indoor pool patio. Although it is powerful enough to destroy the coating is also subtle enough to leave the concrete sub-base intact.

Using this kind of pressure can be very dangerous if proper safety protocols are not followed. In addition to our personal safety, we set up proper containment to protect the other components like drains, ladders, tile, and HVAC elements. Our team avoided direct pressure near the delicate details of the surround and completed those surfaces by hand chiseling.

We were working in an environment with plenty of drainages to accommodate the amount of water required. In addition, we wanted to take into consideration what would be going into the drains. Hydro blasting does not use any chemicals or contaminants, but we took precautions to minimize the risk of the old coating ending up in the wastewater system.

filled indoor pool
finished indoor pool patio after sandblasting

Removing 2 inches of the sand aggregate coating wasn’t any walk in the park. Besides the physical demands, the amount of friction that resulted from the consistent water pressure meant our team was working in a sauna. Using the outright force of water at 40,000 psi, we efficiently removed about 4,000 sq. ft in 4 days. 

With the coating removed and cleaned up, we were ready to move on to repairs, cut out replace and seal rebar, and apply a new coating. Blast It Clean was one of the only local contractors who were able to provide all of the services needed for this job. We take pride in having the knowledge and experience to provide one-stop solutions for our customers. Getting to restore amenities and making a difference in our local communities is an added perk.

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