Project Name: Fire Restoration of 1.5 Mil Sq Ft Building

Project Industry: Catastrophe & Restoration, Construction

Client: Brinkmann Constructors

Application: Baking Soda & Hand Wiping

Size: 1.5 Million Sq Ft

Location: Liberty, Missouri


hazy warehouse with crew members on two scissor lifts


We were called about a fire that occurred near a bay entrance to a brand new 875,000 sq ft facility that was not yet inhabited. A mobile generator had caught fire, causing soot and char residue to land on every square inch of the ceiling and the walls adjacent to where the generator was closest. The smoke and soot traveled throughout the whole facility. A small fire that impacted 1.5 mil sq ft surface area. A “great big” “little job”

The initial scope of work was to contain the most heavily affected area, making sure that we did not disturb the other tradesmen that were working in the same space. We soda-blasted the walls, ceiling, studs, doors, framing, roof decks, and immovable contents. The goal was to leave all areas left dry and visibly free of all debris.


After we had completed the soda blasting portion of the job and removed containment, further inspection was done with a realization that the soot and debris had gone beyond the original scope of work. So far beyond, that we were called back in to clean the ceilings and floors of the entire facility, which was the equivalent of 40 football fields in length. 1.4 mil including angles, studs, and additional surface areas. 

One of the businesses that were going to rent out a portion of the facility was in the food and beverage industry, so the quality of this job needed to be FDA regulated and approved. Under this scope and to achieve food-grade level cleaning, we used Hepa Vacs with detailed cleaning accessories, chemical sponges, and firepower which is the industrial degreasing soot and char removal process.

In addition to this, it included coordination on doubling our manpower and hand scrubbing the ceilings as well as deep cleaning the floors. The team was led by Tyler who managed not only our internal team but an additional 10 temporary crew members for roughly 30 days of non-stop production.

containment set up with lights illuminating from inside
crew members on scissor lifts cleaning ceiling of large industrial building

Some of the hurdles that Blast It Clean had to overcome on this project were staffing and materials. Our rag manufacturer had halted their entire line of production so we had to pivot for our material availability mid-project. Water accessibility was also a challenge as there was only one spigot available at the end of the building. Even through all of these challenges, the Blast It Clean team produced the best results and developed a great relationship with our client through timely communication and a quality clean-up.

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