Encapsulation of North Kansas City Schools Early Education Center


Project Name: Encapsulation of North Kansas City Schools Early Education Center

Project Industry: Catastrophe & Restoration

Client: ServPro of Olathe & Lenexa

Size: 10,000 Sq Ft

Media Used: Baking Soda and Painting

Location: Kansas City, Missouri


during painting room white with tarps covering floor



The North Kansas City Early Education Center provides a sense of wonder and opportunity for exploration, discovery, and social interaction. Lifelong learners are created through a variety of services that support student achievement. 

Unfortunately, as luck would have it, a fire broke out and put learning to a halt. The North KC Education Center was lucky to have minimal damage. Still, there was extensive smoke and soot. The char smell was far too overbearing and classes had to be postponed. Fortunately, there were no casualties involved.

The business owner knew to call in the professionals to take care of eliminating the enduring smell and remove any soot. Blast It Clean partnered up with Servpro of Olathe/ Lenexa KS, a franchisor of disaster recovery services, to complete the job. As a long-time partner of Servpro, Blast It Clean was trusted to complete the job quickly and efficiently.


The damage was contained to a full hallway, an area leading up to the roof, and a staircase, totaling about 10,000 square feet of area that needed to be cleaned and deodorized. The client requested that this be soda blasted and char seal painted. An oil-based primer was applied. 

Soda blasting is a safe and environmentally friendly method of cleaning. Its sodium bicarbonate is better known as baking soda. When this abrasive is applied with pressure from the soda blaster and hits the surface, it explodes leaving behind a clean surface and a fine powder. Baking soda serves as a deodorant as well as an abrasive.

Blast It Clean contained the HVAC, protecting it to make sure anything sprayed was going to go directly into the circulatory system. 

Encapsulation was the final step in this soot and smoke remediation project. It is common to use primers and sealers to “lock in'' the remaining odor but it should not be used as the sole method for restoration, which is why we soda blasted the room prior to encapsulation.

Blast It Clean responded within a day. Flexibility and performance were great and the customer turnaround was a major win. Communication was strong and the relationship has been ongoing since this project. The North Kansas City Education Center was restored and can now be used at its full capacity again.

room with drywall framing
room after painted white

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