Project Name: Fire Station #8

Project Industry: Historic Restoration

Client: Crossroads Art District

Size: 3,175 Sq Ft

Media Used: Black Beauty Coal Slag

Location: Kansas City, Missouri


fire station with red brick and black door


Completed "test" section

In the heart of Kansas City's Crossroads Art District, where the past mingles with the present, stands a silent witness to time—the last original Fire Station, built in 1885 at the intersection of Locust and 16th Street. Formerly known as Fire Station #8, this unassuming structure has seen the neighborhood transform from an industrial zone into a lively hub of art and entertainment. Now, a dedicated group of individuals is embarking on a mission not just to remove layers of aging paint but to honor the building's rich history and ensure its enduring legacy. 

The restoration project commences with a profound respect for the past and a commitment to preserving the building's unique character. It's not a mere facelift but a journey to uncover the authentic story embedded in the weathered facade. The initial step involves a meticulously executed "test" section, a deliberate approach to gauge how the restoration process interacts with the surface. This ensures a delicate balance between transformation and preservation, acknowledging the inherent beauty of the structure.


The exterior paint, identified as an elastomeric coating, posed a challenge due to its durability. Traditional removal methods proved inadequate, prompting the search for a gentle yet effective solution. Here, the unassuming extra-fine grit black beauty coal slag emerged as a subtle yet powerful medium. This unpretentious material delicately removed the elastomeric coating, unveiling the original surface without compromising the structural integrity of the brick. The process is not about erasing history but gently revealing it, acknowledging the layers of time.

To minimize the environmental impact, the team implemented measures to contain dust, dirt, and debris during the outdoor restoration process. The protection of windows and conduit was carefully arranged, reflecting a commitment to responsible restoration practices and a humble acknowledgment of the impact on the surrounding environment.

sandblasting expert in a lift

Armed with a lift for the two-story structure, the restoration team worked diligently, starting with the front side, moving to a 90-foot side, and concluding with an 11-foot section on the backside. The use of extra-fine grit ensured the removal of the elastomeric coating without causing harm to the underlying brick, leaving a clean canvas for the next phase of restoration. This precision in action not only reflects technical expertise but underscores a commitment to humility in the face of history.

The successful completion of this paint removal process left an impression on the customer, providing them with a refreshed canvas—an authentic foundation upon which to build the next chapter of revitalizing this historic building. It's not about showcasing prowess but about quietly contributing to the preservation of a cultural legacy.

front of fire station building
outside of building with windows and white painted brick


Bearing witness to history is a responsibility that Blast It Clean takes seriously. Our involvement in historic restoration is not about boasting but recognizing the privilege of contributing to the preservation of cultural heritage. Our seasoned expertise positions us as trustworthy partners for any restoration project seeking a delicate balance between preservation and innovation.

If you have a restoration endeavor in mind, Blast It Clean stands ready to contribute our skills to breathe new life into history. This project is not just about revitalizing a building; it's about honoring the past, embracing the present, and ensuring that the legacy endures for generations yet to come. It's a quiet dedication to the art of preservation, where every layer uncovered is a tribute to the resilience of time.

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