Project Name: Homestead CC Olympic Sized Pool

Project Industry: Pool Restoration

Client: Homestead CC

Application: Black Beauty Coal Slag

Size: 15,000 Sq Ft

Location: Prairie Village, Kansas

Olympic sized pool after paint was blasted off down to concrete


Do you have any critical components of your business whose shortcomings are affecting your profitability? Many times, it seems like the answer to fixing a problem is to get rid of it and start fresh but this usually isn’t the most cost-effective solution. Blast It Clean is passionate about restoration and finding solutions for your business that make the most sense to your bottom line.

On this project, there were 15,000 sq. feet of failing concrete that was jeopardizing our client’s ability to provide what their customer wants and their ability to attract new revenue. Specifically, their Olympic sized pool was in dire need of attention.

The surface of the pool had about a half-inch of paint and coatings on it that had been applied in an attempt to keep the pool in usable condition since it was built over 50 years ago. However, all of that paint was just putting a band-aid on to cover up what was really causing the problem. Water had been trapped underneath the layers of paint causing the concrete below to begin deteriorating.

The new owner of this property, our customer, needed a way to turn this essential amenity into an attraction. Blast It Clean knew that with our experience and the right process, the paint could be removed to repair the concrete and restore the olympic sized pool, saving our customer the grave expense of demolishing it and a complete rebuild.


Ordinarily, removing so many layers of paint from the surface could cause a tremendous amount of damage to the concrete. Compounding the problem was that the normally hard surface of the concrete was slightly softer due to the moisture that had been held hostage under the barrier of paint. If the job was not done carefully, the owners would have to invest additional money and time into the restoration effort of the Olympic sized pool.

Due to the problem being in place for many years, we were not able to completely eliminate any damage. However, Blast It Clean was capable of minimizing the damage and therefore reducing the restoration cost significantly. Here is how we were able to provide the best solutions for our customers.

The media we chose for this project is coal slag called “black beauty”, medium grit in size. This abrasive is hard enough to break down the paint while also being fast-cutting. Specifically, for this project that meant sharp enough to achieve the desired result without damaging concrete below, and hard enough to break through the ½ inch barrier. Using “Black beauty” in the way we chose, without adding water to the blasting process like other options that are available, is also moisture free so we weren’t furthering the problem.

It took our three-man team roughly 25 days of production to thoroughly uncover every surface of the Olympic size pool. Can you imagine being 12 feet deep blasting away one square foot at a time? We love the commitment and quality our team provides.

As you could imagine, the second part of this project was the large clean-up effort required once the concrete was completely exposed. Proper containment practices were used to prevent the byproduct of blasting as well as removed coating from going down the drain, but all that material had to be removed from inside the pool.

The only solution to this was sheer manpower. That means the glamorous and labor-intensive process of buckets, wheelbarrows, brooms, shovels…Did we mention how great our team is? A team of four was able to get it all cleaned and hauled in just a couple of days.

With all the paint removed, our client can now focus on repairing the concrete and re-coating the pool surface so this warm weather amenity can be enjoyed by their members for many years to come. We love putting the right material in the hands of our qualified team to benefit our community.

deep end of a large pool with black beauty media in it
after photo of large pool after paint removal process

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