Project Name: Dry Ice Blasting & Painting Tin Ceiling

Project Industry: Historic Restoration & Lead Paint Removal

Client: Kathy Kagay

Size: 2,000 Sq Ft

Media Used: Dry Ice & Painting

Location: Maysville, Missouri


during tin ceiling restoration process


Blast It Clean was contacted to address a critical issue during the renovation of a client’s building. The client had high hopes of putting in a new Subway restaurant in this facility. During the renovation process, it was found that the ceiling was not in accordance with city codes and in compliance with USDA standards which strictly prohibit the exposure of lead in any food industry. This left the client in a bit of a pickle.

The client’s initial thoughts were to leave it to the professionals when calling in Blast It Clean to aid in this historic restoration and lead paint removal project. Blast It Clean’s objective was to remove existing paint, presumed to be lead-based, from the existing tin ceiling of 2 historic buildings.


Before coming on-site, a thorough walkthrough was conducted. Once this was completed and the terms and scope of work had been agreed on, it was time to get to work. The first steps were to ensure that the client has removed any loose items within the space to avoid any damage from blasting.


Blast It Clean’s mobilization services included traveling from the shop to the job site in Mayesville, Missouri. Once on-site, it was time for the crew to set up and install a containment system. Scaffolding was required to allow safe access to the 14’ ceilings. Once completed, an OSHA safety walkthrough took place to ensure that we were compliant with safety standards.

The client’s expectations were to ensure that all the failing paint was removed and a proper coating was applied to protect the tin ceilings from further decay and discoloration. The tin ceilings covered approximately 3,600 square feet between two downstairs sales spaces, a stairwell ceiling, and upstairs offices. Given the space, it was crucial to consider factors like yeast and moisture to safeguard the ceilings.

Blast It Clean went in with a food-grade product to blast the paint from the ceiling, remove the paint without damaging the tin, blast all the paint, and clean it up. The crew then had to apply a macropoxy primer and a Sherlock coat, which was a food-grade product, to protect the steel against any food residue and moisture.

The client was responsible for providing debris containers and disposal offsite. The crew ensured the area was thoroughly cleaned afterward and disposed of any debris in the client’s designated disposal unit. The crew then finished by filing any additional holes in the main restaurant area and achieving a uniform sanding finish.

Before completion, Blast It Clean conducted a quality control walk-through with the client to ensure satisfaction and obtain sign-off. Once this was completed, the crew removed all containment and final clean-up and demobilized the equipment from the site.

original detailed tin ceiling showing signs of rusting and wear
room with white detailed tin ceiling freshly painted

In line with the client's expectations, Blast It Clean utilized a food-grade blasting product to remove the failing paint from the ceiling. This process ensured the preservation of the tin ceilings while effectively removing all paint. Subsequently, we applied a macropoxy primer and a sherlock top coat to protect the steel against any future food residue and moisture that may be obtained in this new Subway restaurant.

Like most projects, there are often challenges. Working at heights was one of these challenges, but was handled with grace and without any significant issues from our team of professionals. Another challenge that arrived at a later date was the fact the yeast from the bread was having a chemical reaction to the ceiling paint. Blast It Clean immediately called in research and development in order to figure out a solution for this rare occasion. We applied a urethane food-grade top coat that would protect the macro poxy 646 for this problem.

The project was successfully completed on time, achieving a smooth and satisfactory blast and paint outcome. The preservation of this historic structure garnered positive feedback and satisfaction from the client. Future customers can now enjoy a foot-long sandwich in this historically renovated Subway restaurant.

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