Project Name: Blast & Polish Metal Vaults - KC Scientology Building

Project Industry: Historic Restoration

Client: Kansas City Church of Scientology

Application: Black Beauty Coal Slag, Glass Bead

Location: Kansas City, Missouri


circular vault door and steel bars across door frame


During Containment

Blast It Clean was excited to be part of the restoration process with RAU Construction for the new Kansas City Scientology Building.

The team restored three of the five historic vaults. These vaults were covered with rust, dirt, and grime on the vault surfaces as the building has sat empty for a long time. It was left to the Blast It Clean team and the professionals of RAU Construction to find the most suitable solution to restore the vaults. This project required blasting with specialized media to achieve the desired look requested by the end client.

In this case, bead blasting is the optimal choice. When preparing solid surfaces such as stainless steel and other special metals, glass beads are hard enough to create a smooth finish but flexible enough to not leave any dents or scratches.

After the completion of the blasting process, the Blast it Clean team followed up with a detailed polish throughout the vaults.

To ensure work integrity, Blast It Clean created protection for all areas including handles and glass surfaces on the vault to avoid damage caused by abrasive blasting. Our team also created containment around the vaults with negative airflow to minimize exposure and to avoid interference with other parts of the Scientology remodeling project.

This project required consistent, detailed blasting. The Blast It Clean team received training in these specific requirements. Each team member had hours of experience performing behind the blast nozzle, perfecting their trade.

dirt on circular mechanism for vault door
vault lock close up with tarnish on it

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