Project Name: Power Washing Emporia High School Tennis Courts

Project Industry: Historic Restoration

Client: McConnell & Associates

Size: 162,000 Sq Ft

Media Used: Power Washing

Location: Emporia, Kansas



A study posted on USA Today and published by the Physical Activity Council (PAC) found that 21.64 million people played tennis in 2020. Tennis is one of the few sports that allows you to maintain social distancing, while still being active. For Emporia High School, a home tennis court has its advantages. Having a tennis court allows access for players to play on and practice. 

With that said, proper maintenance is essential to a quality surface for players to utilize. Without the proper upkeep, you could potentially shorten the lifespan of the court and make it less appealing to play on. Regular maintenance requires the removal of natural build-up of dirt and organic materials that can only be removed through power washing. A dirty surface can pose a challenge for the players on the court. Another advantage of a cleaner surface is that there is better traction. If the surface deteriorates so much that you can’t see the lines and you start to see cracks, you can expect a high maintenance cost. This is why it’s important to perform upkeep. 

Power washing is often best used for deep cleaning items such as tennis courts. While Blast It Clean typically performs washing at an industrial level, we can do concrete driveways, residential homes, windows, homes, and more. The advantages of power washing are that it doesn’t use a lot of chemicals or solvents. Instead, it uses water at high pressure making it safer for pets and children. It can also help to remove corrosion and contaminations such as mold and mildew, creating a cleaner environment.


Blast It Clean was asked to prep the surface to be restored by removing grease, scuff marks, dirt, and debris that were very deep in the acrylic coating.  Before power washing, the crew worked to remove any loose items in the area that could be blown away, including benches, equipment, balls, and more. Depending on the location being power washed, twigs, branches, leaves, and litter such as gum may exist. After the debris was removed, the area was pretreated with a mixture of water and detergent. Once that step was complete, the crew was able to begin power washing. 

Before beginning, you want to make sure that the power washer is adjusted to the right PSI. In our case, 4100 PSI of pressure was applied with an oscillating tip and scrubbing mechanism. These tools with that amount of pressure helped our crew cover over 162,000 square feet, equivalent to roughly 4 football fields, on time. After the dirt and sediment were lifted, the area was water-broomed and excess debris was washed away. 

To no surprise, water resources were of some disadvantage. No water source was close so that meant that the crew had to have multiple hoses linked up to get to the entire length of the tennis courts and be able to hook up to the power washer. The crew had to get creative and was fortunate to find a source of water close to the football field near the courts.

Overall, the maintenance and upkeep are not bad, providing that you keep up with it regularly. We are very fortunate to live in an area where our local courts are well-maintained and where we have resources readily available. For all your power washing needs, feel free to reach out to Blast It Clean.

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