Project Name: Poet Ethanol Tank

Project Industry: Industrial Plants

Client: Poet

Application: Black Beauty Coal Slag

Location: Laddonia, Missouri


ethanol tank being painted white


At Blast It Clean, we concluded a noteworthy water tank restoration project at an ethanol plant nestled in the heart of central Missouri. The task at hand was no small feat, as the tank's existing coating system had succumbed to the relentless forces of nature, showcasing rust pockets resulting from exposure to the elements, dirt accumulation, and general wear.


Complicating matters further was the tank's tendency to "sweat" due to the water temperature inside, particularly when external temperatures soared. This unique challenge necessitated a coating solution that could adhere effectively to a surface with existing moisture. Additionally, the project timeline had to align with the spring season, allowing us to complete the restoration before the onset of scorching summer temperatures.

In response to these challenges, we made a strategic decision to employ a specialized coating solution with the unique ability to cure effectively despite the presence of surface moisture. This ensured a secure and durable bond, laying the foundation for a protective layer that would stand the test of time.

Given the tank's considerable dimensions, precision was paramount. Our team utilized a man lift to access every inch of the tank for the meticulous blasting and painting phases. To streamline the process, we divided the tank into distinct top and bottom sections. Starting with the bottom, we executed a thorough blasting technique, followed by the application of an epoxy primer to establish a robust foundation.

The final layer in our restoration process was a topcoat carefully chosen for its UV-resistant properties. This not only enhanced the tank's visual appeal but also added an extra layer of protection against the potentially damaging effects of prolonged sunlight. The UV-resistant topcoat played a crucial role in preventing color fading over time, ensuring the tank's aesthetic integrity.


In essence, Blast It Clean's approach to the ethanol plant water tank restoration project not only addressed immediate challenges but also embraced forward-thinking strategies for long-term resilience. This successful endeavor exemplifies our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality, customized solutions, even when faced with complex challenges. As we continue to innovate and adapt, our clients can trust us to navigate and conquer restoration projects of varying complexities with precision and expertise.

poet tank before image with rust and after image with fresh white paint
Before & After

This project was completed in just over a month using a three- to four-man crew. We successfully completed this project within one month, and our customer became a repeat client, as we continued to blast additional ethanol tanks for them. Do you or someone you know have a tank or silo where the current coating system is failing? Give us a call, we can help.

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