Project Name: Poet Ethanol Tank

Project Industry: Industrial Plants

Client: Poet

Application: Black Beauty Coal Slag

Location: Laddonia, Missouri


ethanol tank being painted white


Blast It Clean completed an ethanol plant water tank restoration project in central Missouri. The tank’s current coating system was failing. Over time, it had developed rust pockets due to the elements, dirt, and buildup.

Because of the water temperature in the tank, the tank exterior was prone to sweat as the outside temperature rises. The tank sweating created two issues. One, the coating solution specified would need to be able to adhere to existing moisture. Two, this project would need to be completed during the spring before the hot summer temperatures set in. We went with a coating solution that could still cure despite the moisture on the surface.

Due to the size of the tank, a man lift was needed to access all areas to blast and paint. We split the tank into top and bottom sections to complete this project. Once the bottom section was blasted, we applied an epoxy primer to the entire section. The topcoat we used provided an extra layer of UV ray protection to keep the tank color from fading in the sunlight over time.

poet tank before image with rust and after image with fresh white paint
Before & After

This project was completed in just over one month using a three up to four man crew. We were successful in completing this project within our one-month time frame and our customer became a repeat client, as we continued to blast additional ethanol tanks for them. Do you or someone you know have a tank or silo where the current coating system is failing? Give us a call, we can help.

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