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Preventative maintenance during industrial company shutdown periods is a critical aspect of ensuring the continued reliability, efficiency, and safety of industrial equipment and facilities. These shutdowns, often scheduled during planned maintenance windows or seasonal downtimes, provide an excellent opportunity to perform comprehensive maintenance tasks that might be difficult or impossible to carry out during regular production operations.

Preventative maintenance during industrial company shutdown periods is a strategic and necessary practice to ensure the long-term reliability, safety, and efficiency of industrial equipment and facilities. A well-planned and executed maintenance program can minimize unplanned downtime, reduce operational costs, and contribute to the overall success of an industrial operation.

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Blast It Clean has been a vendor of ours for the past 6 years. Rick and his team are comprised of quality employees that take care of business in a professional manner. In this industry, no two jobs are the same and they adapt to each situation to make sure the end product is what is expected by me and our customers. They are willing to take on any size project, day or night, weekday or weekend, with or without notice with the same approach. They have been an extension of our company on many jobs and they have helped us through the years meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

— Ken Lutgen, ServPro


Blast It Clean can tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each industrial company, considering factors such as the type of equipment, industry regulations, and budget constraints. By providing efficient and specialized services during shutdowns, we help minimize downtime and allow industrial companies to resume operations with clean, well-maintained equipment.

A huge part of our tailored solution is ensuring that all cleaning and coating activities comply with safety regulations and standards. Safety is paramount during shutdown periods to protect workers and the environment. We can implement environmentally friendly practices, such as waste disposal and recycling, to minimize the environmental impact of cleaning and coating services.

Blast It Clean can be a valuable partner for industrial companies during shutdown periods by offering cleaning, stripping, and coating services that enhance the reliability, safety, and efficiency of industrial equipment and facilities. These services help industrial companies maintain compliance with industry regulations, extend the lifespan of their assets, and reduce overall operational costs. 

Key Aspects of Preventative Maintenance During Industrial Shutdown Periods


The project originates with the internal manager overseeing the scope of work, which has been previously discussed with their team, including project managers. Subsequently, they seek assistance from us once the scope is defined. Blast It Clean excels at tailoring solutions to suit your company's needs, and we can engage in the scope of your project to the extent that best suits your requirements.


Equipment can be cleaned during shutdowns, and parts can be lubricated more easily than during regular operations. Clean machinery operates more efficiently and is less prone to breakdowns. Lubrication of moving parts is crucial to prevent wear and tear, reduce friction, and extend the lifespan of components.


Precision equipment, such as sensors and control systems, often require calibration and alignment to maintain accurate performance. Misaligned equipment can cause excessive wear and inefficiencies, so ensuring proper alignment is essential.


Safety systems, such as emergency shutdown mechanisms, fire suppression systems, and safety interlocks, must be thoroughly tested and maintained. Any necessary repairs or replacements should be carried out to ensure the safety of workers and the facility.


Shutdown periods also offer opportunities for training and upskilling maintenance personnel. Training can focus on new technologies, safety protocols, and best practices.


Before any maintenance work begins, thorough inspections of all machinery and equipment are conducted. This helps identify any existing or potential issues that need to be addressed. Data from previous maintenance records and predictive maintenance tools (such as vibration analysis or thermal imaging) may be used to identify potential trouble spots.


Any identified worn-out or defective components should be replaced promptly. This includes belts, hoses, seals, bearings, and other critical parts. Using high-quality replacement parts ensures long-term reliability and safety.


Electrical systems should be inspected for loose connections, damaged wiring, and corrosion. Control systems, including PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), should be checked for proper operation and updated if necessary.


Comprehensive records should be maintained for all maintenance activities, including inspections, repairs, and replacements. These records are invaluable for tracking the history of equipment and ensuring that maintenance is performed on schedule.


During shutdowns, it's also essential to consider environmental factors, such as disposing of hazardous waste properly and ensuring that any necessary environmental permits are in compliance.



Blast It Clean specializes in industrial cleaning, stripping, and coating services. We play a crucial role in helping industrial companies during shutdown periods by providing specialized services essential for maintaining and improving the efficiency and safety of industrial equipment and facilities.

During your business’s shutdown periods, we can perform thorough surface cleaning using various techniques such as abrasive blasting, high-pressure water blasting, or chemical cleaning. This is essential for removing contaminants, rust, old coatings, and other debris that can accumulate on equipment and surfaces over time.

Many industrial facilities rely on protective coatings to prevent corrosion and extend the lifespan of equipment. During a shutdown, we can efficiently remove old or deteriorating coatings, preparing surfaces for the reapplication of protective coatings. We can apply various types of coatings, including anti-corrosion coatings, industrial paints, and specialty coatings. Properly applied coatings help prevent corrosion, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance equipment performance.


The application of coatings, whether anti-corrosion, industrial paints, or specialty coatings, during industrial shutdown periods, is a proactive and strategic investment in the long-term reliability and performance of industrial equipment and infrastructure. These coatings act as protective shields, guarding against corrosion, environmental factors, and specific operational challenges, ultimately reducing maintenance costs, enhancing equipment efficiency, and extending the useful life of critical assets.

Industrial shutdowns are ideal times to address rust and corrosion issues. We can treat and mitigate corrosion by removing rust and applying corrosion-resistant coatings to extend the lifespan of equipment and structures. 

Shutdowns are strategic opportunities to address rust and corrosion issues comprehensively. Blast It Clean's expertise in rust removal, surface preparation, and the application of corrosion-resistant coatings enables industrial companies to safeguard their assets, extend equipment lifespans, reduce maintenance costs, and uphold safety and compliance standards. By taking proactive measures during shutdown periods, companies can protect their investments and maintain the long-term integrity and functionality of their equipment and structures.

poet ethanol tank being painted whiteFor industries with tanks and vessels, we can provide cleaning services to remove residues, scale, and other deposits. This ensures that equipment remains in optimal working condition. Blast It Clean's tank and vessel cleaning services are essential for industries that rely on these containers.

By removing residues, scale, and deposits, our company helps industrial companies maintain optimal working conditions, improve efficiency, enhance product quality, and extend the lifespan of critical equipment. Additionally, these services contribute to regulatory compliance and environmental responsibility, ensuring that industrial operations meet high standards of safety and sustainability.

Heat exchangers play a critical role in many industrial processes. We can clean heat exchanger tubes and surfaces to improve heat transfer efficiency, reducing energy consumption and improving overall system performance. We can also refurbish industrial equipment by cleaning and applying protective coatings. This can extend the lifespan of machinery and reduce the need for costly replacements.

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