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Idaho, situated in the northwestern region of the United States, boasts a diverse landscape characterized by mountains, forests, and expansive plains. Its capital, Boise, serves as the cultural and economic hub of the state. Historically reliant on agriculture, particularly renowned for its potato crops, Idaho has witnessed economic diversification in recent years, embracing technology, manufacturing, and outdoor recreation sectors.

Outdoor enthusiasts are drawn to the state's natural beauty, which includes the Rocky Mountains, the Snake River, and various lakes. With a relatively small population compared to its vast land area, Idaho has experienced growth as individuals seek a lower cost of living and access to outdoor activities. The state is home to universities like Boise State University and the University of Idaho, contributing to its educational infrastructure. Beyond its natural attractions, Idaho features cultural and historical sites such as the Idaho Potato Museum and landmarks associated with the Lewis and Clark Expedition. While this provides a snapshot of Idaho as of my last update in January 2022, it's advisable to consult more recent sources for the latest information.

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Idaho's agricultural sector is a linchpin of the state's economy, boasting a rich diversity of crops and dairy production. Widely acclaimed as the "Potato State," it takes pride in being a leading producer of high-quality potatoes in the United States. The state's favorable climate and soil conditions make it an ideal hub for potato cultivation, with the iconic Idaho russet potato reigning supreme. Beyond potatoes, it's agricultural landscape encompasses extensive wheat and barley fields, supporting vital industries such as flour milling and malt production for brewing.

potato field in idahoSugar beet cultivation is another noteworthy aspect of Idaho's agriculture, playing a crucial role in the sugar production supply chain. The state's dairy industry thrives, contributing to the production of top-tier milk, cheese, and other dairy products. Idaho stands tall as one of the nation's major players in milk production. Livestock farming, with a focus on cattle and sheep, is a prevalent and integral component of it's agricultural scene, providing both meat and wool to various markets.

In a nod to the craft brewing industry, Idaho has emerged as a significant producer of hops. The state's conducive climate and soil conditions support the cultivation of high-quality hops, catering to the burgeoning craft beer market. Collectively, this agricultural mosaic, ranging from staple crops like potatoes and grains to dairy, livestock, and specialty crops like hops, underscores it's crucial role in supplying a diverse array of agricultural products to both local and global markets. The agricultural sector not only sustains local communities but also serves as a cornerstone of the state's economic vitality.

With a large agricultural industry, these crops and liquids require silos and tanks for safe storage. Blast It Clean helps keep these structures clean and maintained for years to come. Whether it be dry ice blasting the interior or blasting with coal slag media for the exterior, we can expunge any potential contaminants or make a base for a fresh coat of paint.


Idaho's manufacturers employ nearly 6% of the state’s workforce and contribute over $9.7 billion to it’s GDP. The advanced manufacturing sector, characterized by the use of cutting-edge technologies and highly skilled, well-paid jobs, is rapidly growing and diversifying to include a wide range of industries and occupations.

Teamwork professional engineer work heavy industry in factory in idahoThis thriving industry is powered by both large and small businesses producing a variety of products, including food, computer and electronic items, transportation and medical equipment, system and process machinery, chemicals and plastics, wood products, fabricated metals, and machinery.

Companies like Premier Technology in Eastern Idaho, Double L in the Magic Valley, and Unitech Composites in North Idaho are flourishing, thanks to the state’s pro-business climate, robust transportation network, and motivated workforce. The state’s well-trained workforce is a significant asset for any business looking to launch or expand in the state. It’s colleges and universities collaborate closely with businesses to create tailored training and coursework programs, providing the industry with valuable skills, knowledge, and resources.

Large manufacturing facilities require routine scheduled maintenance to keep operations running smoothly. These factories often experience significant grease and grime buildup on machinery, floors, and walls. That’s where Blast It Clean comes in. Our 24/7 sandblasting services are designed to fit your schedule, whether day or night, so you can maintain a clean environment without disrupting production hours.


From pioneering feats such as the creation of the first electronic television set to the worldwide presence of frozen French fries on dinner tables, Idaho's inventors have consistently embraced the ability to leave a memorable mark on the world of technology.

Workplace of young woman in modern microelectronics manufacturing lab. Engineer works in a modern scientific laboratory on computing systems and microprocessors. Futuristic concept in idahoAt the forefront of this innovation frontier stands Micron Technology, the sole US-based memory chip maker, alongside a constellation of other tech luminaries like Equifax and Cradlepoint. Together, these companies illuminate Idaho's skyline with the promise of progress and possibility.

But it's not just about the giants; it's about the collective force of over 15,000 individuals who populate Idaho's innovation industry. They are the architects of tomorrow, tirelessly pushing the boundaries of technology, launching start-ups, and igniting the flames of discovery. In this dynamic landscape, Idaho emerges as more than just a state; it's a launchpad—a springboard for aspiring technologists and entrepreneurs alike. Here, careers take flight, dreams take shape, and the future unfolds with each passing day.

With mass production in technology, comes manufacturing facilities that are in need of constant upkeep and cleaning. Blast It Clean specializes in sandblasting and coating services to keep dust and grease buildup at bay. From machinery to factory floors, we leave no corner untouched. Trust us to keep your operations running smoothly in the fast-paced world of modern technology.


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