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Although it is nicknamed the prairie state, Illinois is so much more. In addition to the peaceful miles of rolling hills and farmland, one of the largest cities in the nation is bustling in the northeastern corner of the state. Thanks to its central location, Chicago is a hub for transit. This has made it convenient for manufacturing to become the main industry in Illinois.

However, manufacturing grew from agriculture. This is evident in the number of food and agricultural products manufactured in Illinois. The world’s largest bakery is in Chicago measuring 1,800,000 sq feet (also known as the Nabisco factory). Outside Chicago lies about 27 million acres of farmland producing primarily soybeans, corn, and hog, but also wheat, oat, hay, cattle, and sorghum. From tractors to silos to fences and barns, the cleaning and surface prep needs in farming are endless.

Between one of the greatest American presidents and a notable architecture launch site, Illinois has a history worth preserving. Central Illinois’ most famous resident, Abraham Lincoln, is well commemorated in Springfield. The home of Mormon leader Joseph Smith is in Nauvoo where they sought reprieve from religious persecution. Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Unity Temple in Oak Park, and many consider it to be the first modern building in the world.

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Special media blasting can remove grease, failing paint, corrosion, and more to reclaim your surfaces. We have a wide selection of mediums such as coal slag, garnet, walnut shells, corn cobs, or glass beads to cater to your specific surface and desired outcome. For example, Black Beauty coal stag is a fast-cutting abrasive that efficiently handles the removal of rust (and spoiled crop residue) on steel surfaces like a grain bin. It also adequately prepares the surface for adhesion of sealant and recoating to prolong the use of your storage. Whether it is restoring large machinery or cleaning small, precision parts, abrasive blasting with special media can improve your equipment’s appearance and operation.


dry ice pellets in container with scoopDry Ice is a perfect tool to use in the food industry because it is a food-grade media that is approved for use by FDA, USDA, and EPA. The dry ice pellets evaporate on contact and dissipate into the air leaving behind no residue and creating no secondary waste. This, as well as the absence of chemicals, makes it an environmentally friendly option. The efficiency of dry ice also saves your facility downtime for cleaning. It can remove food residue, proteins, grease and oil, bacteria, adhesives, and other contaminants without the need to dismantle machinery. Dry ice is safe on electrical components and can reach tight spaces.

In addition to regular cleaning for maintenance, many facilities that produce food include washdowns as a preventative control in their food safety plan. Applying a tough and cleanable industrial coating with chemical resistance improves the surface’s ability to withstand this repetitive pressure washing. We use coatings approved by USDA, specifically tailored to facilities that have a need for sanitary surfaces.


Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is one of the most gentle media in the world of abrasive blasting. As a result, it is a great tool in historic restoration and can even be used on delicate surfaces such as canvas, fabric, plastic, and sometimes even glass. When you need to clean and restore without destruction, soda blasting is able to strip paint and remove staining without marring the surface. It is biodegradable, non-toxic, and water-soluble making it environmentally friendly as well.


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