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Known as the “Crossroads of America”, it’s safe to say much of the country’s traffic flows through Indiana. Interstates connecting to Cincinnati, Louisville, Columbus, Saint Louis, and the Chicago area all cut through Indianapolis. Spring showers wash away the remnants of soggy salt piles leaving cracks and potholes. Used to treat winter roads, the salt mixes with melting snow and seeps into the paved and concrete surface. Due to expansion from refreezing and/or the corrosion of the steel support, the result is cracking and deterioration. The same happens to your parking structures, sidewalks, and walkways.

If you get off the highway to explore the backroads of Indiana you will find a historic treasure. One-eighth of the country’s historic covered bridges can be found in Indiana. Thirty-one of those are in the self-proclaimed “Covered Bridge Capital” also known as Parke County, Indiana. Unfortunately, due to age and remote locations, many of these iconic structures have experienced decay and vandalism.

Despite being part of the rust belt, the state has retained its ranking in the industrial sector. In fact, the 41 miles of Indiana’s Lake Michigan waterfront is still considered “one of the world's greatest industrial centers''. Manufacturing remains a dominant industry specifically in the production of steel, automotive parts, and heavy machinery.

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red vintage covered bridge in Parke County, IndianaCorn cob blasting is the perfect solution for restoring wood structures like the beloved covered bridges found in Indiana. It is a natural abrasive effective at removing stains, watermarks, debris, and paint (including graffiti) without damaging the softer surface. Corn cob media is considered environmentally friendly because it is non-hazardous, non-toxic, and biodegradable. The result is a smooth and clean finish ready to accept penetrating sealer and adhere to the protective coating. No matter the surface, Blast It Clean has the knowledge and experience to find the optimal media and technique for sandblasting.


road in indiana next to cornfield and large treeWhen considering industrial traffic coating, it's important to recognize its role in preserving not just the surface, but also safeguarding your financial investment in the long run. A high-performance coating can eliminate corrosion, reduce cracks, and minimize the need for repairs. These coatings have a tall order requiring toughness to stand up to heavy use along with flexibility to bridge moving joints.

Through the application of a waterproof membrane, these coatings establish a barrier against water infiltration, ensuring the integrity of the surface remains dry. Furthermore, on top of keeping things waterproof, industrial traffic coatings can also add substances like gravel to make surfaces less slippery and tougher. Plus, they can make surfaces more resistant to chemicals, making sure they can handle even the toughest situations. Using industrial traffic coatings is like buying a powerful shield for your infrastructure, making sure it stays in top shape even when things get tough in industrial settings.


Expanding on the importance of industrial painting for the protection and maintenance of plants and factories in Indiana involves delving into the many coating options Blast It Clean offers. In the face of the region's climatic extremes, from the bitter cold winters to the sweltering summers spanning locations like Princeton to Plymouth, the choice of coatings becomes paramount. Beyond safeguarding against the elements, a meticulously applied and maintained coating acts as a multifaceted shield. It not only establishes a waterproof barrier, essential for withstanding Indiana's unpredictable weather patterns, but also offers critical UV protection to prevent degradation over time.

The application of coatings serves as a frontline defense against the onset of rust and corrosion, effectively extending the longevity and structural integrity of the industrial infrastructure throughout the state. By selecting and implementing the most suitable coating solutions, industries across Indiana can fortify their facilities against the rigors of nature while ensuring sustained operational efficiency and longevity.


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