Three Reasons Why You need to Work with GMP Compliant Contractors

Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) is the official guideline for all manufacturers by the FDA. The purpose of GMP is to ensure the consistency in production and quality control and the compliance with quality standards issued by the administrative authorities.

But remember:

Although GMP is the basis of all food safety programs, it is not mandatory for contractors to follow GMP unless their services fall into the fields of manufacturing, processing, or packaging for drugs, medical devices, food, and blood.

Among the various available options of contractors, who is the most suitable for your project?

There is only one answer to that question: GMP Compliant contractors.

You are wondering why?

Reason One: Reduced Management Effort

When hiring contractors, the rule is to guarantee project efficiency. Especially in the industrial cleaning field, contractor efficiency is frequently related to a company’s profit.

Hiring a GMP compliant contractor is proven to be more efficient than hiring a general contractor who lacks the knowledge of your process.


When you work with an educated contractor, it means less effort spent on micromanagement.

For example, Blast It Clean is a GMP compliant contractor. Our clients don’t need to worry about our process standard countering their legal requirements, because we are adopting the same system.

What does that mean?

It means your project manager is freed from the job site most of the times, knowing the project is in good hands.

When you work with professionals who are knowledgeable about GMP, you can be at ease knowing you will receive a satisfactory result.

Reason Two: Minimized downtime

In the manufacturing world, any services outside the regular workflow will inevitably lead to a decrease in efficiency.

In some cases, such as the cleaning of essential machinery and the factory itself leads to downtime and service breakage. In other cases, certain work parts became inaccessible and affecting the production streamline.

But this effect can be reduced by hiring GMP compliant contractors.

Blast It Clean, for example, assures our clients with our GMP compliant procedures that there will be no additional interruption in the workflow except for the required time to clean an equipment or a location.

And the logic behind the scene cannot be simpler.

Think it this way:

When you work with a GMP compliant contractor, you have a clear expectation of the final outcome. When you receive the equipment, or when you return to the job site that needed extra work, you know everything in their already satisfies your industry requirements.

What then?

Then, you go right back into work without worrying about your contractor not doing things right.

You put that equipment back into work at ease, not concerned about contamination because your contractors understand GMP like the back of their hand.

Your service is back on track.

Reason Three: Assurance of Legality

Don’t forget:

For those in the food and manufacturing industry, GMP is more than a quality standard.

It is also a mandatory requirement protected by law.

To use the pharmaceutical industry as an example: any production made in-compliant with GMP is considered “adulterated.” A corporate that does not comply with the current GMP can receive up to $200,000 fine for a single case that doesn’t result in death. In more severe cases, cGMP violations, along with other violations, can lead to a shut-down order or an order of injunction.

(Interested in GMP violation and general violation cases? Read the famous United States v. Barr Laboratories case study here!)

What else?

GMP does not only cover your company procedures. It also covers every project related to your company from equipment cleaning to product packaging.

Therefore, any violations of the current GMP during this long process of a business operation could harm your company.

And that’s why you need GMP compliant contractors.

You must remember:

Although GMP is mandatory for your company, it is not for your contractors, unless their specialty is a part of the regular manufacturing workflow.

Working with GMP compliant contractors, such as ourselves, reduces your risk of cGMP violations and therefore protects the reputation and profitability of your company.

Besides, the contractor will be liable for any errors in-compliant with cGMP during their job process if you work with a GMP compliant contractor.