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Cradled between two navigable rivers lies over 56,000 square miles of nutrient-rich soil that produces one-eleventh of the food supply for the whole country. “Is this Heaven? No, it’s IOWA.” Most of what people know about Iowa is true; corn, soybeans, and pigs.

For a small, quiet state, Iowans go big when it comes to agriculture. Over 85% of the land in Iowa is used for farming. While it ranks 23rd in size, it is the top producer of corn, harvesting almost 13 million acres. Nearly a third of the pigs in the nation can be found on Iowa farms. That is more than any other state and makes it the leading producer of pork.

Even the manufacturing industry in Iowa revolves around agriculture. Food processing operations such as meatpacking, cereal, and popcorn are the largest contributors followed closely by heavy machineries like those used in farming and construction.

The packaging to export these food products is provided by the ever-evolving printing industry. Printing facilities support the operations of nearly every sector of the economy in Iowa. With mainstay magazines like Better Homes and Gardens headquartered in Des Moines, the presses don’t stop in Iowa.

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Special media blasting can remove grease, failing paint, corrosion, and more to reclaim your surfaces. We have a wide selection of mediums such as coal slag, garnet, walnut shells, corn cobs, or glass beads to cater to your specific surface and desired outcome. For example, Black Beauty coal stag is a fast-cutting abrasive that efficiently handles the removal of rust (and spoiled crop residue) on steel surfaces like a grain bin. It also adequately prepares the surface for adhesion of sealant and recoating to prolong the use of your storage. Whether it is restoring large machinery or cleaning small, precision parts, abrasive blasting with special media can improve your equipment’s appearance and operation.


sandblasting and dry ice services in illinoisDry ice is a perfect tool to use in the food industry because it is a food-grade media that is approved for use by FDA, USDA, and EPA. The dry ice pellets evaporate on contact and dissipate into the air leaving behind no residue and creating no secondary waste. This, as well as the absence of chemicals, makes it an environmentally friendly option. The efficiency of dry ice also saves your facility downtime for cleaning. It can remove food residue, proteins, grease and oil, bacteria, adhesives, and other contaminants without the need to dismantle machinery. Dry ice is safe on electrical components and can reach tight spaces.


poet ethanol tank being painted whiteFrom acrylic coating to water-based epoxies, industrial painting is a must to protect and maintain plants and factories like those found in Iowa. No matter if your facility is in Des Moines, Dubuque, or Davenport it must withstand everything from bitter cold to smoldering heat. A properly applied and maintained coating can provide a waterproof barrier as well as UV protection. Starting with surface prep, sandblasting in Iowa manufacturing can remove existing rust and create the optimal surface profile for adhesion. Then, encapsulating with industrial coating prevents future corrosion thereby lengthening the life of your structure.


Dry ice blasting is an environmentally friendly way to clean your printing machinery with little to no disassembly or downtime. It can effectively remove ink build-up, heavy grease, and even caked-on paper particles. Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive and non-conductive. When the subzero dry ice pellets contact the surface, they expand and lift away the residue. Cleaning the surface without toxic chemicals or solvents that pose dangerous health hazards still requires significant effort and scraping.

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