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The Show Me state is known historically as the “gateway to the west” due to launching points of westward exploration like the Pony Express, Oregon Trail, and Santa Fe Trail. Missouri has since maintained its dominance in the transportation industry. It is one of the top producers of transportation equipment including the manufacturing of automobiles and parts.

Even with advanced manufacturing and a desirable business environment, Missouri can’t abandon the resource it has naturally in nutrient-rich soil. Two-thirds of the state land is dedicated to agriculture consisting of over 100,000 farms. The terrain is a little more diverse than other midwestern states with forests, rivers, and large lakes which enable a varied agriculture production of cattle, cotton, rice, soybeans, turkey, corn, and hogs. The central location and access to multiple modes of transport aid in its growth.

Missouri is also home to the City of Fountains (Kansas City), but that isn’t the only commonality it shares with Italy. The state has a well-known wine industry and a large market share in beer production thanks in part to lenient alcohol regulations. Food processing is currently the fastest-growing industry in Missouri.

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Craft beer brewing equipment in brewery Alcoholic drink product missouriDry ice is a perfect tool to use in the food and beverage industry because it is a food-grade media that is approved for use by FDA, USDA, and EPA. Solid pellets of dry ice are thrust at the surface with significant force to clean and sanitize. The dry ice evaporates on contact and dissipates into the air leaving behind no residue and creating no secondary waste. This, as well as the absence of chemicals, makes it an environmentally friendly option. The ability to remove contaminants without scratching or etching makes it ideal for Missouri’s breweries. It can even be used to blast wine barrels, barrel rooms, and other winery equipment found in Missouri’s wine country.

The fermenting and aging of beverage production can be vulnerable to mold, bacteria, and fungus but dry ice is able to remove all of that at a cool 109 degrees below zero. The efficiency of dry ice also saves your facility downtime for cleaning. It can remove residue, proteins, grease and oil, bacteria, adhesives, and other contaminants without the need to dismantle machinery. Dry ice is safe on electrical components and can reach tight spaces.


From acrylic coating to water-based epoxies, industrial painting is a must to protect and maintain manufacturing plants and factories like those found in Missouri. Application of these highly engineered specialty materials can aid in corrosion control, help resist abrasion, provide structural stability, insulate and provide UV protection, and restore surfaces. Manufacturing facilities from St. Joseph to St. Charles have many needs; warehouse painting, interior factory painting, tank coating, exterior plant painting, machinery painting, exterior storage painting, steel structures, and more.

We know business doesn’t stop for painting and maintenance so working efficiently with minimal disruption is important. Our industrial painting and coating services include everything from surface prep, to coating, and clean-up.


missouri wind turbines on farm fieldSpecial media blasting can remove grease, failing paint, corrosion, and more to reclaim your surfaces. We have a wide selection of medium such as coal slag, garnet, walnut shells, corn cobs, or glass beads to cater to your specific surface and desired outcome. For example, Black Beauty coal stag is a fast cutting abrasive that efficiently handles the removal of rust (and spoiled crop residue) on steel surfaces like a grain bin. It also adequately prepares the surface for adhesion of sealant and recoating to prolong the use of your storage. Whether it is restoring large machinery or cleaning small, precision parts, sandblasting in Missouri farms can improve your equipment’s appearance and operation.

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