Building Window Renovation Project

Over the course of the last year, we have been completing a Building Window Renovation Project in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The project is for the Pickwick Building off Ninth and McGee. For the Pickwick Building Renovation project we have worked for four different contractors on different methods of blasting and cleaning.

This blog post focuses specifically on the window renovation for the Pickwick Building. This portion of the Pickwick project came to us from a subcontractor that specializes in window restoration projects. We were brought in to blast the window frames then coat the frames after any addition surface work was completed by our customer.

The process for this project followed a strict timeline on window frames from one floor then once those frames were complete we moved on to the next floor’s windows. Our customer would remove the windows on site and bring them to our shop location for the renovation work. First the existing glass would be removed from the frames then proceed to blasting to remove the existing paint, rust, and to inspect the structural integrity of the metal frame. The picture to the right shows window frames with the glass removed before blasting.

By blasting the window frames, we were able to uncover structural metal loss. The frames with metal loss had those affected areas cut out with new metal welded in its place. After the structural rehabilitation was complete, we then primed and painted the metal frames. The first picture set below shows the window frames after blast on the left and the windows after prime on the right. The pictures at the bottom of this post show two views of the exterior building with newly renovated windows installed. Those pictures include window frames installed before the window glass installed.

The Pickwick Building renovation project is ongoing at the publication of this blog post. We are very fortunate and thrilled to have been a part of this historic building and window renovation project. If you are someone you know has a exterior or interior building renovation project such as the Pickwick Building downtown then give us a call we can help. Thank you for reading our blog post.