Fire Restoration Commercial Property


Earlier this year, we completed a Fire Restoration Commercial Property project as part of the Pickwick Plaza Building Restoration similar to our previous blog post. The project came to us from previously working with the General Contractor and Subcontractors on the Pickwick Building Restoration. During the renovation of the building, a fire broke out that smoked up the walls and ceilings of several floors. We were called in to remove the existing soot and char on approximately 30,000 square feet within a specific project timeline. The project spanned several weeks using a four-man crew completing the prep, blasting, and cleanup.


Dry Ice and Baking Soda were the two blast materials we used for this project. The Baking Soda would act to remove the soot buildup and deodorize the surface. For the areas where dust was a concern or no odor was present, Dry Ice was utilized.

The Dry Ice would evaporate on contact with the surface being cleaned while creating minimal dust. We were successful in completing this project for remove the existing soot and char but also additionally cleaning off the years of built up dirt and residue prior to the renovation of this building. The pictures at the top of this post show a picture of the interior brick wall during the blasting on the left and the after picture of the brick wall on the right.

The two sets below show before and after pictures while the bottom picture shows a large portion of the surface area cleaned. This project was an enormous pleasure for our company to take part in the renovation through our blasting and cleaning methods. If you or someone you know has a commercial property that has suffered a fire or you have a full renovation and restoration project like the Pickwick Plaza building, then give us a call we can help bring the building back to life. Thank you for reading our News Blog.