Kansas City Legends Outlet Brick Restoration


Earlier this Fall, we completed a Brick Restoration project at the Kansas City Legends Shopping Center Outlet.

This project detailed blasting the brick walls to remove the existing paint without damaging the brick while also controlling the dust created from the blast process. The project came to us from a long time customer who understands our capabilities, ability to work odd hours, blast and clean surfaces without damage and dust containment.

The brick painting were to be removed due to deterioration over the years since Legends Outlet opened in April 2006. Rather than worry about upkeep or repainting the brick surface, the building owners decided to leave the brick walls clean after blasting to leave a now maintenance free surface.


Due to the foot traffic at the Legends Shopping Outlet, the work performed for this project was during nights when the surrounding stores and shops were closed.

This measure prevented any risk of shop employees or customer being around our work site while blasting took place. Our containment system allowed us to eliminate any dust exposure to surrounding areas, which gave our customer the peace of mind of a “contained” blast but also created an easier cleanup for our project crew.

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