Turning Abandoned Building Into A Commercial Hub With Elliot Management

Full view of the finished building after sandblasting.

Full view of the finished building after sandblasting.

Blast It Clean takes responsibility in using our expertise to help the local communities grow. Therefore, when Elliot Management reached out to us with this project, we were more than happy to become part of the team.

“For a number of years, we have been looking for an innovative way to re-purpose our old manufacturing building that had been around since the late 1800’s.  We finally settled on a design that would use the first floor as a specialty retail hub, the second floor as industrial looking office space, and the third floor as one and two bedroom luxury apartments.”, said Stafford Swearingen, President of Elliot Management Services.

Located in Sedalia, this commercial project would bring additional energy and activities into the revitalized downtown area, stimulating local community and economic developments. The project required blasting approximately 27,000+ sq ft of interior walls to remove multiple layers of paint, and 25,000+ sq ft of wooden floors to be cleaned. The walls were partial brick and partial cinder block. The pillars required paint-removal were made of wood.

Considering the variety of surfaces that was involved, our team conducted a demo to find the most suitable solution for this project.

“This is an historic building. The last thing you want is for the abrasive media to eat into the structure. And that will happen if we don’t find the right solution.” Said Ian Hughes, our operation's manager.

Wood was a delicate surface and most media’s can cause damage. In addition, blasting at high pressures could tear out the mortar joints that are between the bricks. It took highly-skilled blasters to prevent this from happening.

Close up on a wall during sandblasting. The bottom and right half of the wall had paint removed through sandblasting. The top and left portion was in the middle of being blasted.

Close up on a wall during sandblasting. The bottom and right half of the wall had paint removed through sandblasting. The top and left portion was in the middle of being blasted.

 “Historic restoration projects are always the most serious ones. We must follow our game plan to prevent any damages from occurring. This is an old building. If something is damaged, the history is gone. We are blasting over 52,000 sq ft of surface - that’s 52,000+ sq ft of history, and we definitely don’t want to mess that up.” Said Rick Salgado, president of Blast It Clean

During our demo session, we tested different media options such as dry ice, glass beads, and crushed glass. In the end, we set our mind on a combination of two special media: Black Beauty coal slag and baking soda. Both media were less intrusive, and therefore more suitable to work on the sensitive surfaces in this restoration project.

During this restoration project, Elliot Management was impressed by the Blast It Clean team’s professionalism and increased the scope of the project to include cleaning the wooden floors (coverage stated above). This additional requirement proved that Blast It Clean was capable of performing multiple different tasks to satisfy the project’s needs. Our capabilities in media blasting, construction, and historic restoration fulfilled and exceeded the client’s expectation.

Our team achieved a strong sense of accomplishment for being involved in a historic restoration project that would benefit the local community. As a small business, we believed in giving back and creating value. We could not wait to see the building to become open to the public in Sedalia.

If you were looking for a responsible company to join your team for a restoration project, send us an email at info@blastitclean.com or give us a call at (877) 379-4233. We also allow online scheduling and inquiring via our contact page.

*Photo courtesy from Elliot Management Services