Building A Clean Culture in Kansas City - Restoring the Berkley Riverfront Trail

Berkley Riverfront, a historic walking trail located in the Kansas City.

Berkley Riverfront, a historic walking trail located in the Kansas City.

Many may not know:

Media blasting has a very wide range of applications.

It’s not only for industrial cleaning.

In fact:

The stage for media blasting goes beyond production facilities.

Recently, we did a project with some of the city’s authorities.

We were brought in on the restoration project as an efficient solution that met the city’s cleaning needs.

Berkley Riverfront is a scenery oasis, located just north of downtown Kansas City. It is a vibrant urban landscape which integrates community, activity, entertainment, and relaxation into one landmark.

Therefore, how to maintain a clean appearance for this public landmark has always been crucial.

As we’ve mentioned above: media blasting can be used on almost all types of surfaces, as long as it is adapted to individual project needs properly.

And that -

Is why you often see blasters working on renovation and city beautification projects.

How we help maintain the city’s image

This is not the first project Blast It Clean has done for the beautification and restoration of the city.

In the past, we have:

  • Conducted multiple fire restoration jobs as a specialty contractor throughout the city area

  • Restored facilities located at different Kansas City landscapes

  • Participated in various city clean-up and surface restoration projects

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And you may wonder:

Why is it that media blasting is so popular? How do we help maintain the city’s clean image with media blasting?

There are a few reasons:

  1. Media blasting is environmentally-friendly

    For this project, we used multiple media to restore the surfaces, including baking soda and glass bead. Both these media are pollutant-free, and much more environmentally-friendly compared to using a significant amount of water while adding hazardous chemicals to wash the entire surface - which is how surface restoration and cleaning was traditionally done.

  2. Media blasting is more efficient

    Traditionally, surface preparation in city restoration projects was done with human forces sanding down the surface.

    It is time-consuming. In addition, it often damages the surface.

    At the end of the day, it creates a higher cost for the city to complete a project.

    But media-blasting is different.


    • Requires significantly less time to be invested in cleaning compared to traditional methods

    • Doesn’t eat into the surface while blasting, saving the precious historic structures of the Riverfront Trail.

    • Can reach places that are challenging for traditional methods, such as rocks secluded by fences from the main trail area.

    • Applies to multiple surfaces

Cement surface restored with media blasting methods

Cement surface restored with media blasting methods

All these advantages lead to our conclusion: media blasting is more efficient when it comes to city restoration projects.

3. Media blasting is much safer

Which one do you think is safer?

Hand sanding with sandpaper, or having trained professionals come in with full protection and blast through the work?

The answer is clear.

The Blast It Clean team is trained on the latest safety requirements and our company provides every member with the latest safety equipment and personal protection.

How we get the work done

Blast It Clean focuses on enhanced client experience. We are more than your usual media blasting company because, ultimately, we pay attention to improving the process of how a project is carried out.

For this project, our scope of work covered the entire Berkley Riverfront Park and Bridge area. We created an integrated cleaning plan to efficiently clean the designated areas, including walls, walkways, pillars, light poles, wood handrails, and other specifics included in the scope.

Upon completion, we provide a final detail clean leaving the area better than when we arrived, which draws the satisfactory conclusion of this project.

Cement and rock surfaces restored by our team.

Cement and rock surfaces restored by our team.

What Happens Now?

Our work related to this project is done.


We want to continue building a relationship with the local communities by helping different landmarks maintain its appearance.

By doing so, eventually, we are building a clean culture across the city.

But here’s the thing:

It takes everyone’s effort to build a clean culture that prevails each community.

If you work for a city department, or are considering bidding on a city restoration/beautification project, give us a call at (877) 379-4233 or fill out our contact form HERE. Remember: teaming up with an industrial cleaning company significantly increases your restoration capacity.