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“Sweet Home, Alabama!” A state where you can soak up relaxing ocean fronts, live the lake life, debate “Roll Tide” vs “War Eagle” and wash it all down with a little southern hospitality. In recent years, automotive manufacturing has replaced coal mining and steel production as the top industry in Alabama, but it’s the long history, hardworking citizens, and resource-rich land that makes metal manufacturing a mainstay.

Agriculture and food production also contributes to a significant amount of export revenue for the state of Alabama. Over 400 production facilities in the food and beverage industry that employs 13% of the manufacturing jobs in the state resulted in an output of $262 million in 2019.

Alabama has also cemented itself on the frontier of flight. Over 100 years of history in aerospace and aviation secured Alabama as a hub for companies geared toward flight. It is also the birthplace of the U.S. Space program and home to the Aviation Challenge as part of the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.

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sandblasting in the aviation space in alabamaDry ice can help satisfy rigorous regulations and safety inspections in the aerospace and aviation industry. It is a cost-effective and environmentally-safe way to remove contaminants like carbon build-up and aviation grease for regular maintenance of engine components, wheel wells, and panels.

A key advantage of using dry ice blasting in Alabama’s extensive aerospace industry is that it is non-conductive. This allows it to be used on electrical components and eliminates the need for disassembly saving time and money. Additionally, dry ice blasting can prepare surfaces of the aircraft for coating without leaving behind any residue. It is even FDA-approved.


From acrylic coating to water-based epoxies, industrial painting is a must to protect and maintain plants and factories like those found in Alabama’s key industries. On the exterior, the humid Alabama air prevents surfaces from being able to dry out causing blistering paint.

A properly applied and maintained coating can provide a waterproof barrier as well as UV protection. It can aid in rust and corrosion control prolonging the life of your structure. Industrial coating with exceptional elasticity to allow for shaping with damage can meet the demands of the coal industry.

As always, Blast It Clean's services are available 24/7, including overnights, weekends, or extended shifts, to avoid unnecessary downtime. We recognize the importance of time efficiency and strive to minimize disruptions to your operations. Remember, neglecting necessary surface coatings can lead to increased long-term costs, making proactive maintenance a wise investment in the durability and longevity of your infrastructure.


dry ice cleaning for manufacturing in iowaWhen it comes to Alabama’s food and beverage manufacturing, we rely on our extensive experience in the food industry to adhere to stringent sanitary regulations. Blast It Clean can provide industrial cleaning and coating in one. Approved by the FDA, dry ice is a perfect tool to use in both applications. In addition to its ability to clean and prepare the surface, dry ice sanitizes it as well. It also does not leave any residue behind. All of these factors are vital to the safety standards of the food manufacturing facilities.

Many facilities include washdowns as a preventative control in their food safety plan. The application of a tough and cleanable industrial coating with chemical resistance is a must in order to withstand repetitive pressure washing with chemicals. We use coatings approved by USDA specifically tailored to facilities' needs for sanitary surfaces.


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