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The largest state in the country endures harsh weather, and dramatic shifts in daylight, and is sought out for its vast and majestic beauty. With more coastline than the other 49 states combined it’s no wonder many tourists coming to take in the sights of Alaska arrive by ship and many residents find their livelihood depends on the ocean.

alaska tundra mountain range with lake in foregroundEven more crucial is keeping Alaska’s largest profit source running on all cylinders, the oil and gas industry. With hundreds of thousands of barrels being produced per day, there is a lot of sludge and build-up to be cleaned from the pipelines, rigs, and refineries. Taking strict environmental standards into consideration is a must to preserve the treasured national forests and other natural spectacles found in Alaska.

In addition to its economic drivers, Alaska's rugged terrain and diverse ecosystems provide ample opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts and conservationists alike. From the towering peaks of the Alaska Range to the sprawling tundra of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the state's natural landscapes offer adventures and serve as habitats for countless species of wildlife.

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sandblasting and dry ice services in illinoisLike any industry, equipment used for oil and gas production must be cleaned regularly to keep it operating efficiently. The climate and limited daylight in Alaska put pressure on productivity and make extended shutdowns for cleaning very costly. Dry ice blasting is the perfect solution. It is tough enough to remove heavy bitumen and oil yet gentle enough to be used on electrical components and delicate parts. Dry Ice blasting can even be performed without the need for disassembly. The solid CO2 (carbon dioxide) turns into gas upon impact so there is no residue to clean up, saving valuable time. The lack of contaminants and waste along with the absence of chemicals makes it environmentally friendly.


Hydroblasting is a great option to aid in the removal of coatings from steel and fiberglass surfaces like those found on ships, fishing boats, and other marine structures such as buoys, docks, and barrages. It is also an effective means of removing algae and other unwanted deposits. Cleaning vessels regularly helps avoid damaging and costly corrosion. All this is possible just by using pressurized water. This takes environmental standards into consideration, eliminating the pollutants from abrasives and chemicals. This non-destructive method not only ensures thorough cleaning but also minimizes downtime and operational disruptions, maximizing productivity for Alaska's vital industries.


The harsh conditions are relentless in their attempts to break-down surfaces in Alaska. Our industrial traffic coatings seal and protect. By creating a waterproof barrier, we preserve the substrate and refurbish your concrete and asphalt surfaces. Using innovative products such as TuffSeal we find solutions that are cost-effective and environmentally conscious.

We understand the unique demands of Alaska's industries and tailor our coating solutions to meet specific operational requirements. Whether it's enhancing safety measures in oil and gas facilities or improving durability in maritime environments, our coatings are designed to withstand the rigors of Alaska's diverse industries.


Special media blasting has a wide range of applications. Coal slag can remove corrosion from heavy equipment and buildings that endure frequent exposure to the ice-fighting brines used to keep walkways and roadways clear. While abrasives such as walnut shells and corn cobs can be used to delicately remove failing coating from log cabins. Using environmentally friendly media preserves the breathtaking beauty of Alaska.

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