Sponge Jet blasting

Sponge blasting is dry, clean and non-invasive, creating a low dust to dustless blasting environment. It is applicable on multiple surfaces and is friendly to sensitive assets. Coating created after sponge blasting also has a more durable life span.

Why sponge blasting

Sponge blasting could reduce up to 96% of waste and 98% of hazardous dust. It is both friendly to the blaster and the blasting environment.

The sponge media is cost-effective, healthy and environmentally responsible. It is an effective media in mold remediation, nuclear remediation and suitable for blasting valuable and sensitive assets such as military and marine equipment.


  • Low dust blasting
  • Non-invasive on the surface
  • Flexible applications
  • Cost-effective

Applicable Industries

  • Food Industry
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Historic Restoration
  • Disaster Restoration
  • Construction