Project Name: Walnut Shell Blasting Log Cabin

Project Industry: Restoration

Client: Surface Therapy

Size: 8,000 Sq Ft

Media Used: Walnut Shell Media

Location: Fredonia, Kansas


back of house after sandblasting



Surface Therapy knew to call in the professionals to help remove the existing wood stain and buildup on a customer’s log cabin home in central Kansas. Built in 2001, this 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, log cabin is approximately 6,144 square feet and sits on a knoll overlooking a pond surrounded by tall trees and live vegetation.

Blast It Clean is a leading vendor of choice for many log cabin homeowners. The customer came to us given our experience in blasting log homes to remove wood stain, soot, char, and sometimes paint.

Periodically log cabins need to be re-stained due to weathering. The current stain on the log cabin needed to be removed as it was failing in multiple areas. It was a latex rubberized coating that we were trying to blast off. The surface area needed to be blasted covered over 8,000 sq feet.


We selected to use walnut shell blasting for this project. Walnut shell blasting was used to remove the current stain that was on the log cabin. This old stain needed to be completely removed so that the new stain would adhere properly and give the right look. The removal of stain from wood surfaces can often pose a difficult challenge. At Blast It Clean, we offer a cost-effective alternative method of cleaning. The use of specialized blasting equipment and alternative blast media is able to achieve the stain removal process and in most cases, this produces a surface that is ready to accept a new coating system with no additional surface preparation required. 

Specialty media blasting requires the use of specialized, custom media blast pots. The knowledge and training required to successfully utilize this equipment is essential to the success of projects utilizing this method of cleaning and stripping. Walnut shell blasting is often the method of choice for stripping coatings from log cabins, homes, and other log structures. Crushed walnut shells offer a softer blasting alternative that is economically friendly. These lightweight and angular shells are effective in removing coatings while leaving the wood underneath unharmed and intact. 

Scaffolding was set up around various points of the structure as well as containment using poly plastic to help keep dust, dirt, and debris to a minimum and to protect windows, doors, and other parts of the log cabin. The removal of the latex coating was found to be more complicated than anticipated, not to mention that access to some of the peaks was difficult. The wood was IPE, a Brazilian redwood which is an extremely hard and dense wood. We talked to the owner about how the blasting was eating into the wood and where it was the worst on the larger joists of the awning. After this hangup, we paused our production to get in touch with the owner to see what they were willing to take on. We wanted to ensure that the product could still be applied after blasting. The total project took three weeks of production including travel to and from Kansas City.

The project was done on time despite minor hangups and the customer was very pleased with the outcome and communication. The team learned what worked and what didn't and executed strategic engineering and planning around the expectations for Surface Therapy and the owner. 

back of stone house
back of house after sandblasting

If you or someone you know has a cleaning or stripping challenge or needs a log cabin restored and doesn't have the expertise or manpower to achieve your desired result, then give us a call at Blast It Clean. We would be happy to form a business relationship in order to solve your problem.

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