Focus on Preventative Maintenance in Your Food Manufacturing Facility

“Time is Money”. Everyone agrees on that. While there are many timing factors in manufacturing; lead time, cycle time, etc., the most critical is downtime. To capitalize on your most valuable resource, time, working quicker is not the solution. You must be smart and strategic to ensure the least amount of disruption to your production while maximizing your downtime. The key to accomplishing this is prioritizing a routine maintenance plan.


The idea is the same as getting your oil changed regularly. The hope is you can avoid being stranded on the side of the highway looking at an exuberant repair bill. Eliminating all unplanned breakdowns would be nice, but unrealistic. The goal is to minimize how often they happen. When you regularly monitor equipment performance and have a plan to keep it operating efficiently it is more likely you will be able to avoid major shutdowns altogether. Having a schedule for things like routine tank blasting and maintaining the paint and coating not only improves how the equipment operates but also aids in your facility’s compliance with regulatory health and safety requirements.

construction worker pulling up epoxy floor coating


Preventative routine maintenance saves time and money. Being proactive instead of reactive, increases the chances of avoiding emergency repair costs on finding parts and personnel. In food and beverage manufacturing a shutdown could also mean wasted product and material due to contamination or spoilage.

When you do need to shut down for repairs or required maintenance look to plan proactively to maximize your downtime. Check your schedule for optimal dates and times that align your schedule with other shutdowns or slowdowns in business. Blast It Clean values your profitability and will provide a flexible schedule to meet your needs. That means working overnight, weekends, around-the-clock shifts, or whatever it takes.


None of the planning and preparation will pay off if you aren’t working with an experienced industrial contractor. When you are looking for a company that can meet your needs and optimizes time, it is crucial they understand your business. In food and beverage manufacturing that means being familiar with health and safety regulations. Working with a company, like Blast It Clean, which is conversant with the Current Good Manufacturing Practices ensures continuity of your plan for food safety.

This knowledge and experience will also equip you with a partner. Instead of just providing a service, a company like Blast It Clean can provide options and create solutions that benefit your business. We know what tools and techniques are appropriate and efficient. For example, dry ice blasting is a great technique in the food industry because it cleans and sanitizes without leaving behind residue. It is also FDA-approved. We can also recommend specific coating solutions based on your needs and uses that may make upkeep easier so you can decrease the frequency of major industrial cleaning.


Need help setting up a plan for your facility? Blast It Clean’s cleaning and coating services are used in preventative maintenance programs. What services do you need for your facility that could be put on autopilot? Could routine cleaning eliminate the need for additional expensive equipment? Everyone has slowdowns, call us to find out if we can help you take advantage of that time to keep money in your pocket.

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