The Dry Ice Blasting You Needed – Emergency Response Project

Natural hazards often strikeout of the blue and emergencies happen -- sometimes, you just need to find someone who can do the job, right away.

Blast It Clean is known among clients and disaster recovery companies for its 24-hour emergency response capability. Our dry ice blasting service is there when you most need help. In this case, we responded to an emergency fire recovery job.

This project came to us at 3:30 pm on January 29th. Blast It Clean had a team member onsite within 30 minutes to complete a project walk-through. We went straight to scheduling as soon as our materials arrived on-site in order to complete the task at hand.

“These processes are put in place to be turn-key so our client suffers minimal downtime.” Said Rick Salgado, our President of the company.

The scope of this job was to clean the inside of the building, including ceilings and the roof peaks. Blast It Clean was brought in to perform dry ice blasting in order to remove soot and char from joists and the remaining structure. Since this job requires lifting and accessing the roof peak, Blast It Clean took safety very seriously. Our team set up ladders, scaffolds, and additional safety measures to guarantee safe access to the peak.

At the end of this dry ice blasting project, our team completed a detailed clean-up using brooms and shop vacs, removing all soot and char that was cleaned from the surface. Now that the fire damage is removed, our client can anticipate being back into business very soon. Nothing makes us happier than knowing how we helped another business to get back on its feet.

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