Blast It Clean – Your Partner in Surface Preparation and Maintenance

Blast It Clean is not your run-of-the-mill cleaning company. Our cleaning services are specifically targeted for preventative maintenance. Like a car that requires routine maintenance, so too do structural surfaces and mechanical components.

We often underestimate the value of having a clean surface. It’s one thing to forget to clean your kitchen countertop and wake up the next morning to a pile of leftover crumbs. But what we are referring to is a little more complex than that. If mold sits on a surface for a prolonged period, the substance can eat paint away and deteriorate the surface. This can create rust. Dirt can also eat paint away and create rust. The importance of long-term cleaning and maintenance for your business is crucial. As mentioned earlier, this isn’t like cleaning your mom’s kitchen countertop. 

What you probably weren't aware of is that cleaning is actually different from surface prep. Surface Preparation could be as simple as washing dirt and grime off. A service we provide called power washing is one great example of removing dirt and grime. Without it, dirt and grime could cause corrosion and wear and tear on a surface faster than what it should. 

Cleaning plays an integral role in this process. Without cleaning and preventive maintenance, it can often lead to disorganization and lack of care, creating a cultural change inside your company. Unclean working environments can also increase job injuries. Not to mention, that facilities are often required to be up to date on health and safety regulations. Violating FDA regulations, especially in the food and beverage industry, could be detrimental to one's business. 

A clean and organized facility would minimize those job injuries. Just cleaning alone could prevent you from having to go to extreme methods of abrasive blasting and re-coating.


The process of abrasive blasting was invented in the late 1800s by an American Soldier named Benjamin Chew Tilghman. This idea came from seeing the effect of windblown sand on windows in the desert while he was in the military.

Over our 25 years of blasting, we have strived for efficiency, and part of that included becoming a one-stop shop for all your painting needs from start to finish. Blast It Clean carefully learns your wants and needs, walks the site, and finds the right solution for you. We use many variations when it comes to painting but we specialize in commercial, industrial and protective, as well as marine coatings.

Industrial painting services come down to function first, then appearance. Processing plants, production facilities, and industrial buildings require updated maintenance and coating to withstand tough demands and harsh conditions. Conditions in the industrial environment can expose surfaces to excessive amounts of water and chemicals. With surface preparation, we can prolong the lifetime of a surface using paint. With surface prep and the right spec of coating, we can prolong the life of your asset.


Surface preparation refers to the various blasting methods used to treat the surface of material before coating.


Dry ice blasting ceiling joints to prepare for coating.

Surface Preparation ensures that a material is ready to receive coating.  The importance of surface preparation for industrial painting cannot be underestimated. Dirt, grime, rust, failing paint, or residue can cause delays when painting. The life of the coating depends on surface preparation, as paint cannot adequately adhere to a surface that is concealed in any way. 

Corrosion is a major issue that can attack the substrate resulting in a weakened structure over time. Painting encapsulates the material shielding it from moisture and oxygen. Protecting a surface with paint preserves its architectural qualities. While most see paint for aesthetics, we know that surfaces that are worn down and faded don’t always have the same appeal, therefore depreciating their value. Once a surface has been cleaned and cured, the right primer can create a bonding layer for improved adhesion, providing many benefits. Surface prep is where Blast It Clean specializes and has the most depth in solutions.


Since the dawn of human history, paint has been an integral part of our lives. Paint was first started using a combination of soil, animal fat, minerals, and other resources. Artists would paint cave walls with minimal paint options. Through the advancement of science and technology, paint has continued to evolve into a primary protective barrier.

In the early 1700s to mid-late 1800s, paint factories began springing up across the nation. Of course, the use of paint did not come with some controversy. In 1978, lead-based paints were banned for residential use in the United States. Lead-based paint and contaminants were found to pose hazardous exposure risks to young children. Lead is a toxic metal that can lead to a variety of health problems, ultimately creating a ticking time bomb. Despite these fallouts, the paint industry continued to create vast new markets, prolonging and extending the life of manufactured goods.


Paint is not only an aesthetic enhancer but also a crucial protective solution for a wide range of surfaces and objects. Its importance in safeguarding against various forms of damage cannot be overstated. 

Here are some key reasons why paint serves as an effective protective solution:


  • Beyond aesthetics, paint serves as a protective barrier against the elements. Exterior paint on buildings shields them from weathering, moisture, and UV rays, helping to prolong their lifespan. Similarly, paint can protect metal surfaces from rust and corrosion, ensuring their longevity.


  • One of the primary functions of paint is to shield surfaces from the effects of weather. Exterior paint on buildings, for example, acts as a barrier against rain, snow, UV rays, and temperature fluctuations. This protective layer prevents moisture from penetrating into the underlying materials, reducing the risk of rot, decay, and structural damage.


  • Paint is commonly used on metal surfaces to inhibit rust and corrosion. Metal exposed to moisture and oxygen can undergo a chemical reaction that weakens its integrity. By applying paint, a protective barrier is created, preventing these corrosive elements from coming into direct contact with the metal substrate.


  • Paint can provide resistance to various chemicals, making it an ideal choice for surfaces exposed to potentially harmful substances. For example, epoxy coatings are used in industrial settings to protect concrete floors from oil, chemicals, and abrasion.


  • In high-traffic areas or on surfaces subject to mechanical wear, such as floors, stairs, or decks, paint can serve as a protective layer that enhances durability and reduces wear and tear. It can also prevent erosion of surfaces like concrete due to water or foot traffic.


  • Paint acts as a moisture barrier, which is essential for surfaces like wood, where moisture infiltration can lead to swelling, warping, and rot. Properly applied paint forms a protective seal that keeps moisture out, preserving the integrity of the material.


  • Paint serves as a versatile and effective protective solution that guards against a wide range of environmental, chemical, and physical threats. Its ability to enhance durability, extend the lifespan of surfaces and maintain their aesthetic appeal makes it an indispensable tool for preserving and maintaining a wide array of objects and structures.


These are crucial steps not to miss when specing a project and reviving/protecting your asset.

  1. A team of highly skilled professionals will walk the project to get a better understanding of the outcome and what you are trying to achieve or accomplish. 
  2. Cleaning is performed for preventative maintenance.


Here at Blast It Clean, we have immersed the “one-stop” shop for all your cleaning, coating, and blasting needs. Blast It Clean was founded in 2001 and has a long and rich history of service to its customers. Blast It Clean has served the Midwest Region for 20+ consecutive years and has been expanding our service coverage further across the nation. In 2015, Blast It Clean expanded its capabilities into industrial coating. Our business specializes in finding solutions that provide our customers with the best final product.

“Blast It Clean is not your run-of-the-mill cleaning company. We perform industrial cleaning, stripping, and painting. Our focuses are structural, both interior and exterior, down to the smallest mechanical component. We have the skill and knowledge to remove anything on a surface, such as paint, rust, grease, mold, or something as simple as dust. Using over 48 different blasting media solutions, we have the ability to tailor each process to satisfy each client's expectations.”

Blast It Clean is the one-stop shop for your painting and surface preparation needs. We can help break down the advantages of surface preparation before painting and ensure that the surface is prepared accordingly. Surface preparation determines results. We believe that working with us will show our commitment to delivering results. At Blast It Clean, we are only a roll of paint and a phone call away. At Blast It Clean we specialize in surface preparation with our depth of knowledge and solutions. People call us not just to paint, but for our surface preparation methods to ensure that paint adheres to your surface.